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  1. bigbill12

  2. Marian Hossa, merged

    He needs to grow a pair...... Didnt have 1 goal or point this series I believe? I hope we dont re-sign him next year.
  3. pens sure are classy

    What do you guys think about taking out Dats right now? Let him rest and hope nobody else tries to slash his ankle.
  4. Next year's salary cap

    HaHa good ole Hatcher. I loved him because he was a Michigander... but man was he a bust.
  5. Next year's salary cap

    Ya.... I was thinking that the other day. I'm thinking the only way we can keep Hossa is if Hudler, and Samuelson is gone. Is that worth keeping Hossa? I think so
  6. Lines once Datsyuk/Draper return?

    Will Dats be back next game?
  7. Detroit has won 44 Stanley cups.

    2 more and will be passing those good old Maple Leafs
  8. Wings V. Hawks. Early predictions

    The wings will win in 5. I think we win our 2 at home and then we will drop 1 in chi town and win out.
  9. Do you think the JLA will allow

    I dont think so
  10. Our Arch Rival(s)

    Ya, I would say that the Ducks is the closest thing to a rival for us. I still wish also that the Avs would get a good team and we could go back to the good old days!