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  1. Players That Are Wasting Space

    Lets Go Wing's official panic thread... yaay! Playing the blame game is so much fun! Panic.Panic
  2. Bertuzzi = Lang?

    Awesome, another panic thread playing the ever-so-famous blame game! I wouldn't expect anything less on LGW. I'll play -- I blame Aucoin for his mother birthing the bastard. Panic.Panic
  3. Players That Are Wasting Space

    The entire roster is playing lazy, uninterested hockey. They are making lazy passes, lazy to clear the zone, aren't racing to the puck, they entire team is blah right now. I can't call out any one player, I've seen crappy, unusual plays from ALL of the players. Yes, including Zetterberg, Lidstrom, Helm, Osgood, Kronwall... all of them! Of course LGW has it's favorite whipping boy(s). I'm not jumping on this bandwagon.
  4. Mitchell hit on Toews

    Why is there a Chicago Blackhawk fan on a Red Wings message forum trying villainize a clean hit?
  5. What's the Story Behind This Incident?

    Thanks for the heads up about that book and it's frivolous reporting... now I know not to waste my hard earned money to buy this garbage of a book. Ted Kulfan is a money grubbing ***** that will obvioulsy make up horrible lies to sell a book. Hope nobody else wastes their money on it.
  6. Mitchell hit on Toews

    Toews was OWNED!
  7. I think his point is it's dumb in the aspect of those signings is virtually costing them their future (stars). No way Hawks keep the big three and have enough cap to employ a full roster next year. Chicago is a mess and no matter what happens, it's not going be good if you're a Chicago fan. They are going to be forced to do thing that will make Bowman look like an absolute idiot. And with the NHL watching (and investigating) llong contracts now, they're not going to sign Kane/Toews/Keith to 25 year deals for a cap hit of 3 million each (which was what they were probably pinning their hope on) Nobody, and I mean NOBODY will take Huet (or Campbell) with those ridiculous contracts. The only way they'll be able to get rid of them is if the Hawks eat a big portion of their contracts. And no way Hawks win the cup with Huet in net. He simply isn't good enough down the stretch. Some of the Hawk fans are pinning an ounce of hope on Neimi, but I haven't seen anything consistent from him that shows me he is a competent goalie that can carry them to the finals. The Penguins will have a cap space mess next year too.
  8. Mitchell hit on Toews

    Well... good thing Hawks have Kopecky, the enforcer.
  9. Penguins Gonchar to miss up to 6 weeks

    It's been a weird hockey season. Lots of injuries this year.
  10. Who has the best hockey mask?

    I think the goalie lifting the cup in June has the best mask... Toskala and Kiprusoff have cool looking masks. But both suck as goaltenders.
  11. So basically what you're saying is that you hate Zetterberg and Datsyuk because they have talent, sometimes spin to score goals, yet they don't fight or play extremely physical 60 minutes per night? Nice! What the f*** on you doing here then?
  12. Lol. I don't know how to spell gonoria or beastality either. Probably a good thing because I "mock" it. In addition to the aforementioned activities, I also hate UFC... of course I'm not going to look up the spelling on any of these words.
  13. Bleh, not a UCF fan. I prefer watching hockey over a bunch of goons throwing punches while on the ice.