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  1. Stream for Tonight's Game

    someone just told me about this site. Try this:
  2. SCF GAME 3 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Penguins 4

    Oh I know. The refs blew that one. If someone on the bench would have noticed sooner then the ruckus would have got the attention of the ref which could have led to a call on the too many men. I am not worried. In the end the cup will stay here.
  3. SCF GAME 3 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Penguins 4

    The Wings lost this one without the refs help. They were out-hustled in the corners and races to the puck were pathetic. Hockey is a game of possesion. They got beat about every time. They were showing no hustle. Hossa played well, had a lot of chances and considering the atmosphere there. We also came close on quite a few plays. Z played great. I am having doubts about Hudler. Though Ozzie let a few go in he still came up big quite a few times. By the way, if you ever played hockey than you should know that when you are at ice level and focused on the game that too many men can be easily missed. That's most likely why the Wings didn't notice until the 6th man was getting back to his bench. Bad for the refs not catching that cuz that's their job but all in all the calls were fair and the refs did ok this time. Now that they got their feet wet there they can win the next game and win the cup at home. "I trust me eyes to Dr Rahmani. You should too" -Pavel
  4. Pens Boards, (merged)

    OMFG!! What the f*** do they think this is, squirt hockey??? Have any of those f***tards posting over on the Pens forums ever played hockey??? This isn't effin basketball here people!!! And I thought the Chicago forums were bad!! Whining about stupid s*** like clogging lanes and interference when chasing the puck?!?!?! OMFG, I have been playing hockey since I was 8 years old! I am forty now and still play twice a week!!! THAT s*** HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!! IT'S PART OF THE DAMN GAME! I guaranf***intee you that if you take off the damn blinders both teams are doing the same thing..CUZ THAT'S PART OF HOCKEY! You'd think reading all their comments that this is flag football. And enough with the s*** about Detroit! We know Detroit sucks, that's why we all live in the 'burbs. Hell the Detroit City Council gives us laughs on a daily basis. So if you think Bashing Detroit is hurting us then think again.
  5. Nickname for Helm!

  6. Crosby and Malkin... who are they?

    It wasn't a steal. It was a very bad board pass by the Wings that practically went right to his stick. I have never seen that happen with a puck landing on top of a goalie's back. I could argue that being a penalty shot though. Honestly, what would you do if you were in that situation? The puck is on top of your goalie... do you just sit there and let the other team just whack on top your goalie's back????? Come on. You tell me what other choice they had. Jumping on a puck in the crease is a lot different then a puck sitting "on" your goalie's body. As far as luck goes, that goes along with the part of my post saying that they didn't even play that great last night. So yes there was some luck there. Doesn't discount the fact that your superstars were shut down.
  7. Crosby and Malkin... who are they?

    "In ice hockey, a backhanded shot (or backhander) is a shot taken from the backside of the blade. This type of shot is often used on breakaways, penalty shots and in shootouts and is used for deking. It is a less accurate, less powerful, but more confusing to goaltenders. It is also used when a player can not pass the puck to someone who is facing the outside bend of the stick. The setup of this shot begins with the puck on the backhand heel side of the hockey stick. The puck location at this point will be even with or on the outside of the skate opposite of the intended direction of the shot. There will be a weight transfer from one skate to the other, also in the shot direction, when shot commences. At this time the puck will slide along the blade from the heel toward the toe with the eventual release of the puck toward the net. The shooter does have some control over the direction of the backhand shot -- by pointing the stick blade during the follow through, the player can direct the action of the puck. This shot can obviously be used with a straight stick, but can have different shot results." --Thanks Wikipedia I am sure you were being sarcastic though;)
  8. Crosby and Malkin... who are they?

    Well then I am glad we have a great team with great players and depth rather than a good team with 2 superstars and no depth.
  9. Crosby and Malkin... who are they?

    Short work? Not really. You are expected to score when you have a man advantage. Scoring on a PP is great and all but it doesn't show you are a superstar when you have the advantage.
  10. Crosby and Malkin... who are they?

    I am not saying that we have this in hand or anything like that. My point simply is that with all the hype around these two that they were made to look like your average joe hockey player out there tonight and we didn't even play up to where we should be. They have had a stellar cup run with 56 points between them then bam, the Wings shut them down. So did they both just happen to have a bad game on the same night or is it that the Wings know how to handle these so called super stars? I think the latter.
  11. Crosby and Malkin... who are they?

    I am not counting them out. It's gonna be a hard working series. I just get so sick of the hype, expecting to see the wonder twins activate their powers. Maybe it's just the eastern conference making them look good
  12. Crosby and Malkin... who are they?

    Not blind at all. They are hard working players, yes... but so are Toews and Kane who were supposed to skate rings around us and were also shut out basically the whole series. Your point is the same as mine; superstars don't shine when you play against a superteam. Hockey is a team sport. When you gel you can shut down anyone.
  13. Can all you f**ktards (NBC, Bettman, Pens fans) who kiss these two on the ass now realize how all they are is hype?? THEY BROUGHT NOTHING!!!!! I repeat, NOTHING!!!! All I see out of Crosby is a decent backhand. I wonder how he practices his backhand??? They were shut down and we didn't even play that great! Give me Pavel any day over either of them! Even when he isn't scoring he is dazzling the other team with his puck handling skills, forechecking, backchecking and all around play. Way to go Wings! (and hurry back Datsuk!!!!)