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  1. Questions about Hossa and Pittsburg

    Ok, I've been reading threads for a while now on this board, but I never took the time to register. But I just had to register to post on this topic. Just so everyone knows I'm a die hard Red Wings fan and have been for a long time, and I think its time to put this to rest. Check this link Penguins fans: That is an article on JUNE 22, 2008! Hossa told Ray Shero he was going to test free agency. So saying he cost you guys anyone is ridiculous. He told you well before free agency started that he was possibly leaving. This is Shero's fault not Hossa's. If a player says i'm not sure i'll let you know after I get other offers, you have to know his heart isn't there. You have to move on. You had plenty of time to sign the guys that you had under contract that would be free agents, and you had time to determine who you wanted to go after on July 1st. So stop saying he cost you guys anyone.