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  1. Jeff M

  2. Yzerman GM in Chicago soon?

    Theres no way Stevey would do that to us. He knows what he has here and he know's there desperation to take over what he have built here in HT. I mean if I was another organization I would be jealous of the Wings, but taking our players and front office staff from us? Come on. Yzerman knows he has it made here and that one day he will take over as GM. I am really excited as he is probably an "intern" to Holland. ahah But I really do believe when it comes down to it Stevey wouldn't leave.
  3. Kenny says Abdelkader is ready

    We don't need Abby to "step it up" this season. We need the other guys who have been around for just a little. Like Helm, Leino. They both have had more oppurtunities to make the club than Abby did. And if Helm can keep his energy at the playoff tempo he did with the big hits and great PK's, as I said in an earlier reply, Helm will not only create scoring oppurtunities for himself, but as well as others like Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Edit*- if he was on another team he would annoy me so bad. Boy do I love having him here in Hockeytown! Plus random- Don't you hate when the Wings are on TV and the broadcasters are almost peeing themselves when their hometown team scores. Damn. I moved out of Detroit, so now I have to buy a 200 dollar package just to watch the Wings and when they broadcast away it pisses me off. (Nashville, Columbus, etc.)
  4. Kenny says Abdelkader is ready

    Ok everyone needs to chill out. Red Wings win games. That's just what we do. ;] So our players will do what they do to win games. So theres no saying "well we need leino to score 50 and" hahahah Just be calm and realize that maybe we won't win games 5-4 or 6-5, but will win them 2-1, 1-0. Because the Wings are dominant. If Datsyuk thinks that their offense isn't as good as last year he will step it up on defense as well will the other guys. A Red Wings team will always be the team that strives to win games. So where Hossa was when he was scoring those 40 goals will be someone else to score or maybe where Hossa or Sammy should have been on defense where the other team scored this years players will be. And it might be fair to say well if they score 10 goals and stop 10 that Sammy alone let in on D on the 2nd PP then that's the same as scoring 20!! Or maybe other guys like Datsyuk and Zetterberg will have more scoring chances because Helm makes a big check. There is so many possibilities that we can't sit here and expect rookies to succeed what are expectations are, but they will give it there all, after all, this could be there only chance to make it for good in the NHL. It's make or break boys. Let's Go Wings! Can't wait to meet Stanley again in '10!!!! Jeff
  5. Avs trade Smyth to Kings

  6. Mike Grier?

    HAAHAHAHAH Ok well I think as of 6:58 this thread was closed. Final Decision:NO TO GRIER Why? Watch video above. LMAO. Funnier watching it live.
  7. It might be a stretch but...

    Guys, What if Spezza dies and Heatley and Alfy are so depressed they demand a trade and the wings trade for him and then Hossa gets released and we pick him up. And Ovechkin is traded to us by the CAPS for Hudler and Leino? ________________________________________________________________________________ Ok but seriously I think the Hawks will find some way to re-sign Toews and Kane. They are two very good young forwards. Tallon also said he had a plan. I hope the plan involves giving up Sharp. We will take him off your hand for you. Plus I don't think Holland would mind picking up Sharp from Tallon as pay back for picking up Hoss and Kopecky.
  8. It might be a stretch but...

    I would like to see "HawksFan4Life" win an argument here. :rotflmao: Plus I bet Florida and Phoenix have a better chance at the cup this year than the Hawks. Ok maybe that's a little far fetched. But I still don't get how adding Kopecky and Hossa will make them emerge? What will Hossa's 40 goals in a season do? Let them make playoffs and then choke big time? And Kopecky? What do they see in him? A whole 6 goals a year!!!!! Wow! get out! Their gonna be good next year with him! And if they think he is a grinder they are mistaken. First of all did you see the fight in the 2nd round vs Ducks defencemen Beauchemin. And how slow he is? He is also a penalty risk. He is so slow by the time he decides to be a grinder and go check someone he is to late they either scored, gave the puck up, or the game is over. jajajajaj whatever. they will find out this season.
  9. Jack Johnson being shopped.. Trade for Hudler?

    I think Kings will trade Hudler for Johnson straight up. It seems they want to get rid of Johnson. I bet he wants to get out of there because of the Ducks-Kings trade rumors. Plus they talked about him going to Ottawa. If I was a really young player who has a lot of potential and my team tried to trade me or even thought about trading me I would want out. I really think he is just waiting for the call and if he doesn't get it than we should expect a trade demand within the coming months. It would just be too uncomfortable for him to be in an organization that has expressed the desire to move him out of there. So if they want to move him and I am guessing he wants to be moved than they would probably accept the Hudler deal because Hudler is a very good asset for them. I am not expecting a trade to Hockeytown for Johnson, but I am expecting a trade to another club. , Jeff
  10. Wings will be a better team in 09/10

    :rotflmao: Your my Hero by far. Hahahahhahah
  11. Chicago Screws Up, merged

    Now's our chance to get back at them for signing Kopecky and Hoss. I mean they could have signed Havlat or Gabby, but instead they sign two Wings? Weird it's almost like they did it on purpose, O wait, they did. But seriously I wouldn't mind trading some players picking up Versteeg and Barker. :rotflmao: