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  1. Did they go out drinking last night? This isnt even the same team, They look like there in SLOW MOTION out there. If I was Babcock, I wouldnt make them skate all f***in day tomorrow till they puke. This is embarassing!!!!
  2. LOL, Blackhawks looked horrible, I LOVE IT !
  3. I wouldn't miss it for the world. LET'S GO RED WINGS !!!!
  4. Make sure to Vote !
  5. The Red Wings have the classiest players in the league, by far! Zetterberg is the man ! I can't wait to see him play Oct. 8th at the JOE ! WINGS4LIFE
  6. LOL, were not even playing our Top Guns, and they are, what a JOKE ! f*** these Pens!
  7. He just better be more physical out there this year, and then he will be worth the money spent.
  8. Go Eat a Fat Burger Dustin !
  9. I'm from Chicago, and I can't stand all these f***in Fair Weather fans, and I hope that the Goat, Hossa chokes again. If he would of shown up for us, we would have Back to Back Cups! And go eat a Fat Burger, Thuglien.
  10. If you live in s***cago like me, and you purchased the NHL Centre Ice package, you'll be able to watch it there. Let's go Wings !!!
  11. Lets GO, Lets GO ! Cmon WINGS, Make HOCKEYTOWN proud !
  12. I live in Chicago and I'm so sick of these fans all of a sudden wearing Jerseys and all interested now because they have a winning team this year. It would make my year for us to face the Blackhawks 1st round and, Shut this City up!
  13. Dominate and Win!