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  1. Robert le Tiers

  2. Favorite Non-Wing?

    Tim Thomas. He's from Flint and so am I. He's hella-fun to watch, too.
  3. Wings/Avs on the 10th

    When I saw the Wings just after the olympic break last year, I was in the back row, center ice, and had a great view. For the 10th, I'll be in section 310--I've been seated around there before and had a nice view, too. I don't know if we congregate in a particular place at all, but there are a lot of us every time the Wings come to town.
  4. Clear Injury "Nothing Significant"

  5. Wings need a goalie

    Howie's 4-0-1 with a .925 sv% and 2.14 GAA. Yeah, really awful.
  6. Abdlekader in, Osgood to start again.

    Ahem. 397. I love me some Jimmeh, but I want Ozzie to go out with a winning season, at least.
  7. Brett Lebda signs with Toronto

    Brett "Norris" Lebda
  8. Brett Lebda signs with Toronto

    Can it somehow be both?
  9. Brett Lebda signs with Toronto

    The end of the winning streak?
  10. 10/9 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Blackhawks 2

    You're my hero.
  11. Mike Modano -- Mike MoTown!

    Because he'll be causing Mo Problems for the other teams. (I'm all about cheesy/bad nicknames. . . )
  12. Mike Modano -- Mike MoTown!

    Modano Mo Problems, or just Mo Problems. At least that's what I've been calling him.
  13. DET-PIT Post-Game Discussion

    Anyone got a good pic of Howie palming Cindy's face? Been looking, haven't found a good one.
  14. 3/9 GDT: Flames 4 at Red Wings 2

    I guess Ericcson, too, but that's a symptom.