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  1. i completely understand why i was less than thrilled to get quincy back. he's done nothing but go to the box since he's been here. now we get a 5 min PK. Good job. Dude sucks.
  2. I thought they played a great game starting halfway through the first period. their power play looked great, and the PK did its job. I believe a wise man once said that there will be times when your hot and you'll win games you should lose, and there will be times when you play games that you should win but you lose. IMO that was one of those games where they played great but lost. We've seen those games a number of times. we could outshoot an opponent 59 to 4 and we could lose, ti was just one of those games.
  3. we got him instead of hossa. for 8 or 9 more years.
  4. alright cool, thats what i figured they'd do.
  5. well hopefully the pitt game started before the wings game and they'll switch to the wings game when it starts :xfings: if not, im gonna be super pissed
  6. Ive seen this happen in LA before. the clock "stopped" but then sped back up to get back to appropriate time. Its weird.
  7. They stated its going to have multiple showings and different times.
  8. well on the bright side, his contract is up in what.. 10 years?
  9. suspension on that one
  10. f***
  11. Howard coming out soon
  12. Aaaaaah
  13. In a few mins we'll have a man advantage of wewe don't score
  14. There you go.