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  1. Sidney Crosby - The most hated player in the NHL

    I do not like Crosby at all but he is hated because he is damn talented kid. The hatred on Crosby is not wrong but give him at least some credit; this reminds me when I was a very young kid who hated Patrick Roy a lot but at least I respected his performance on the ice.
  2. Building a winning franchise

    Crosby-Toews-Backstrom Doughty-Keith Miller Cannot take Datsyuk and Zetterberg because they cannot even produce 80 points altough they sometimes have injury issues and Lidstrom is old.
  3. Who should we Keep? Release? Sign?

    In this off season, we need to get these two 1. Decent 3rd liners and spot for Holmstrom; I love him but he does not deserve to be on top 6 and I hope he walks out. 2. One top 4 defense if Kronwall continues to play horrible.
  4. 5/12 Playoff Gameday

    Sry I remembered wrong then. Halak was great but the Penguins blame would go for Malkin and Fleury.
  5. 5/12 Playoff Gameday

    Didnt you say how amazing Crosby is when the Caps lost to the Pens? And how Ovechkin chockes in a big game. And now say to give credit to Halak. Halak was great but the Pens after game 3 was not even over the Habs; actually the Habs D just killed the Pens
  6. Luongo Not the Answer for Vancouver

    1. Luongo interviewed he played decently and headed up for 60 minutes; allowd 5 goals, that is fewer than last season's 7 goals. You gotta be kidding me if thats what the captain said. But it is true. 2. You remember when coyotes lost to us in game 7 but fans stayed up and gave ovation to Coyotes' players. And players were raising their sticks and show thanks to their fans. What did Luongo do? He just ran into the locker room. I live in Vancouver and many Vancouverites say trade Luongo will result only bad but when you pay 7 million for the goalie, the goalie should steal few games in the playoff. Luongo has done nothing like that since last year Hawks series. Yes, he played good in game 2 and 5 but the team still lost in game 2. Logically, goalies should allow no goal and that is fans' expectation but that cannot happen; when you pay 7 million on one goalie, it is just people expect higher possibility the goalie steals more games. In fact, Luongo has been playing the level of 2 or 3 million worth goalie in the playoff so far in his career except for the first season with the Canucks. It is also true the Canucks D was bad. Salo was not supposed to play with that serious injury and Mitchell was out. But the life never goes on the perfect way. Great players still try to find out to win the game. Luongo has not done. And yes hockey is a team sports but it would be ridiculous if people do not blame specific players who do not play up to the expectation in critical time like the playoff. Because he won the gold medal in the Olympic, it does not mean he did good. He looked extremely shaky. It is sometimes so funny to see that people call specific players so good when the team they belong win. Doughty and Toews were great in the Olympics and that was the main factor Canada won. And for people who say Luongo is great, they have to look at more closely. Luongo has not achieved in his career. No Vezina trophy; well he won the best goaltender trophy in Junior but who cares the awards not belong to NHL?
  7. Luongo Not the Answer for Vancouver

    I agree with you blaming the loss solely on Luongo is ridiculous. And both Sedin's playoff performance has been the question. You remember when the Canucks played against the Ducks 3 years ago and how invisible they were. Sure, the Canucks was no match up against the Ducks in that year but both Sedin were just getting destroyed by physical players and they are still getting that. The Canucks have been rebuilding the team for last 4 years, 1 missed playoff and three times of round 2. If the Canucks do not go further than round 2 next year, it would be an issue again.
  8. Luongo Not the Answer for Vancouver

    You do not understand why many people blame Luongo. In the playoff, the best players should play like best players because every game is critical. While Toews was doing great in this series although relatively poor performance in the regular season, Luongo has not stolen any game except for game 5, well it was not a steal because the Canucks did not get outplayed. And when you pay 6.75 million for a goalie, you suppose your goalie steals at least few important games in the playoff or even makes big saves to change the momentum. Has Luongo done it? No. The last time he has done was the series against the Blues. In the series against the Kings, he looked to play decently but that is not clear because he allowed so many PP goals. I am not blaming the Canucks' loss solely on Luongo but he should be mentally punched because he is the most overpaid player in the Canucks and considered as the top player in the Canucks too. When your best player does not show up in siginificant time, the team loses for sure because all teams' players try to play out of their mind in the playoff.
  9. WCSF Game Six

    Patrick Roy
  10. WCSF Game Six

    3-0 Hawks. I guess thats it. I cannot wait to see the sportsnet and Canucks fans to whine about Luongo and the team itself.
  11. WCSF Game Six

    2-0 Hawks. Canucks D has been ......!!
  12. Babcock: Improvement to come from within

    Zetterberg-Hudler-Filppula Datsyuk-Franzen-_______ ___ - ____ - ______ Helm-Abdelkader-Draper Rafalski - _____ Kronwall - Stuart Ericsson - ______ Osgood, Howard We have some spots to fill up. Be honest, I do not want us to get back Holmstrom although he has done so many good things for this team. We can use his cap space to get another good top 6 forward; after 2008, Homer put up relatively consistent points but his play in even strength has not been the level of top 6 forward in any team. If Bertuzzi can sign with the same 1.5 cap, I would want him back although he makes some imcomprehensible plays. And I do not want us to sign both Miller and Eaves. True they are good checkers but we need a third line that can do both check and score some goals. As some mentioned above, if Lidstrom asks more than 4 or 5 million, I do not want him to be back. We need decent cap space in this offseason to find out any good 3rd liners. If Lidstrom takes too much cap, our 3rd line would be pretty awful and I do not see the Wings' go far next season ether. Like everyone, I want Lebda being gone and Lilja was good blocker but I do not see us sign him. And I agree with Babcock. The Wings have some serious problems. Our best players like Datsyuk and Zetterberg, especially Zetterberg, cannot put up more than 80 points in last two seasons although he had an injury. It is good to see him do damn good in the playoff but he needs to put up more points in the regular season. Besides, I think Filppula is the main controvesy. I love to see him doing great at both sides of the ice in the playoff but if he truely has potential ability, he has to prove in the regular season. He was cosidered as one of Wings' most bright future but he has not even up 50 points in any season. At last, the Wings' specials teams have to be more consistent and Kronwall should freaking wake up or do something he did in 08. What happened?
  13. Good Series Wings!

    The Sharks were plainly better than the Wings in the playoff. I dont think we got somewhat outplayed, and outcoached by a lot but I think the hunger of the Sharks led to a victory in game 3 and game 5. It was fun to watch. Hopefully the Sharks would win the cup this year; I hate all the remaining teams like Canucks, Hawks, and Penguins.
  14. Who should we Keep? Release? Sign?

    I may sound a bit off but I hope Lidstrom does not come back for the next season. He may be a good piece and still play good but now we need the time to develop young talent. Lidstrom's contract can bring up some new blood like Volchenkov and some other prospects on our D line. Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Franzen, Filppula, Helm, Abdelkader, Cleary are the guys I guarantee to be Wings next season for sure. At the same time, I want Bert and one of Eaves and Miller being gone because we actually need to have some physical players who can also score some goals. The Wings have been rooting for the experience but now is time to say good bye to experience and develop young talents for the bright future. This off-season must do something with clearing the old players and get young players.
  15. WCSF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Sharks 2

    decent 2nd period. The pressure on both sides were good to watch.