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  1. 2010 French Open

    Who here thinks that Rafa Nadal will win the French open this year? He has had a very impressive season thus far on the clay, looks to be unstoppable. If Nadal stays healthy no one will touch him the whole tournament or even take a set. GO WINGS!
  2. Officials for tonights game

    Whew! At least NHL understood whats at stake here, this will be an awesome game, im predicting Cleary gets a goal. I was at game 7 last year against the ducks, id be there tonight if I live in Michigan haha.
  3. Officials for tonights game

    Does anyone know who the officials will be for tonights game? I cant seem to find out anywhere, I really hope they dont give us O'Halleron, he always tries to screw us, also Fraisier is crooked too. Well will no matter what, the wings always over come adversity unlike those other teams that get help from the league like the penguings or blackhawks.