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  1. Gotta find a way to get some owls at Greiner Homestead

  2. Sad that some of us knew this a long time ago. Government is so painfully slow.

  3. Sad that some of us new this a long time ago. Government is so painfully slow.

  4. "Man is part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself." – Rachel Carson, 1963

  5. Had a great day playing grass volleyball today. 71 and sunny. Even got sunburned lol.

  6. Between the rain and the menagerie of birds chirping this spring weather is making me sleepy.

  7. Erin Christine Propst anything I should do while in Boone?

  8. Feel like a train hit me. WTF

  9. Drove through high winds and snow. Fun fun.

  10. Had an amazing time at our bonfire with new friends from SC. Had 12 or so people show up. Perfect 50+ degree night with little wind and a nice clear starry night.

  11. Its real people. Read up on and talk to your state legislature and lets get rid of this abomination.

  12. What an amazing day. Started off at Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse for a great crepe and cofee Followed by a tour at Sierra Nevada Brewery At Mills River. Then dropped in on Betsy Chase, Tracy Propst and Grandma and grandpa McGarry at Oskar Blues Brewery North Carolina and finished at Sunny Point Café for a great dinner. Cannot ask for more!

  13. Someone told us to come here so here we be.

  14. First day of Graston Technique and ART on the shoulder. Already feels better...minus the soreness and bruising.

  15. Only in the South is school delayed solely because it's going to be 11 degrees.

  16. The simple fact that the US Hockey team picked up that piece of s*** Howard who lets soft crap goals in left and right is embarrassing. Howard shouldn't even be a NHL goalie not to mention representing his country in anything.

  17. Man selling a house is apparently a pain in the ass and in the end should have been renting the last 5 years which would make this process of painting, cleaning and packing so much easier. Oh well everyone makes mistakes and buying a house with little money down is one I will never make again.

  18. Apparently the red wings have decided to keep playing like the Lions. Dominate the game and fail to score enough to not give up the lead. Then give up the lead late and lose which will happen soon.f****** pathetic.

  19. I made it to 9pm last night lol.

  20. Lions fail epically again. Good bye Jim Schwartz. Doesn't matter anyway. They are losers and will always be. Hopefully I have the will power to stay away and never watch that s*** show again.

  21. Well guess its the Detroit Sabres now. f****** awful. Lions suck, Wings suck... I hate sports right now.. May just stop watching sports altogether.

  22. How does one quit fandom. I just wish the lions would dissappear so I never feel the urge to watch football again.