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  1. Brad Stuart destroys Gabriel Landeskog

    ^^^ Thats the one! beautiful.
  2. Brad Stuart destroys Gabriel Landeskog

    i think Stu's hit on Umberger a few years ago.....(i think it was in the playoffs,) Is in my top 5 favorite hits of all time. He definitely threw his body around here.
  3. Retribution for clean hits...

    haha, horrible announcing....."He turned right into an elbow"....that was not an elbow at all "not only that, but his head hit the ice!" didn't.**edit** i guess he's talking more about the "snapping back" motion...
  4. Red Wings Playoffs Advert

    That's my problem with this years ads too.....The guy just sounds like such a nerd.
  5. 4/1 GDT : Panthers 1 at Red Wings 2 (SO)

    anyone know of a stream? thanks.....
  6. Nyquist needs to stay here

    Loving this kid! Gonna have to get a Nyquist jersey real soon..... man, i can't believe how great his English is. He has no accent whatsoever.....As well as Lids speaks, there are still some words that he pronounces a little different..(mostly the differences between hard and soft "S's") With gus, i can't tell at all. Ha, just realized who he kinda reminds me of. Jesse Pinkman from breaking bad! Hopefully Gus can keep his life on track a little better than Jesse!
  7. Where is the Pavel Datsyuk appreciation thread?

    ^^ haha, that's hilarious.
  8. Where is the Pavel Datsyuk appreciation thread?

    (so i posted this comment on HF borads, but i wanted to put it here too......................) ok, so, i'm pretty sure i have a serious problem. I'm current;ly at an all-inclusive resort in mexico, with my girlfriend.....having a great time, great weather, unlimited drinks, food, beach, sun...... My girl wanted to go to did i..... but not before i watched EVERY SINGLE CLIP from this thread(just a thread with datsyuk clips that i have seen 100 times before)which i have seen NUMEROUS times before. i can't describe my love for pavel....He is far and away my favorite human being on the planet other than my family and friends - and he even trumps some of them!!! as delusional as it sounds, i wouldnt trade pavel for crosby + malkin, or both sedins + kessler, or any other combination of players in the league. People talk about toews and his intangibles, but datsyuk puts up points....wins selke's, and still has a "je ne sais quoi" about him that is unmatchable. Pavel Datsyuk, you are my hero. xoxoxoxo........haha
  9. Tyson Nash

    hear hear.
  10. Tyson Nash

    ok, so i have felt empty all day......i knew why, but didnt want to admit it. Even though it was a great save, and a great attempt by dats, i have not been myself today, and it's because pav's pattented move was stopped. sigh........
  11. 11/12 GDT: Stars 2 at Red Wings 5

    awesome! thanks a bunch..... The streams are great....sometimes i have to refresh, but that's no biggie. clear and smooth for the most part.
  12. 11/12 GDT: Stars 2 at Red Wings 5

    any stream tonight? frwtv? lookin' at you! go wings!
  13. 10/25 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blue Jackets 4

    same here... Really appreciate it!
  14. 10/22 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Capitals 7

    awesome! thanks a bunch. i wanna the wings keep up their tight more than 2 GA please....
  15. 10/21 GDT: Blue Jackets 2 at Red Wings 5

    any streams? Go wings! I wanna see something sweet from pavel tonight!