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  1. Ready for the hockey game, sipping tea from my 16 oz. #RedWings mug I got for Christmas. Life is good.

  2. #RedWings win! Wow. Two shootout wins in a row? Not a fan of shootouts but I ain't turning down a win.

  3. Rafalski with two goals. Maybe FSD should intreview Rafalski more often. It seems to bring out his Olympic ego. #RedWings

  4. Waiting on my ramekins to arrive next week. Gonna make some creme brulee. Coffee flavored, just because I still have that bottle of Kahlua.

  5. Law & Gender, Constitutional Theory & Judicial Review, History of Forensic Pathology & Medicine, Professional Writing, Intro Urban Planning.

  6. One of the few moments when I hate #Michigan: It snows right after I've taken a shower and dried my hair. Often.

  7. Back in Ann Arbor to find out that 3 of the classiest gentlemen online sent me #RedWings WIM Datsyuk Magician & Octopus shirts!!! Woo hoo!

  8. Getting ready for my flight back to Detroit-Ann Arbor. Don't want to leave Seoul quite yet, but excited for classes. Still hate packing.

  9. Had to wake up 3:30AM Seoul time to watch the Gator Bowl. And the way things are gonig... I'm hungry and tired and frustrated! #GoBlue

  10. In Seoul. Woke up at 3:30AM and realized that EST is 14 hours SLOWER. Gotta wake up again for the Gator Bowl. #GoBlue! #Michigan

  11. Heading to the airport, destination Shanghai. I really don't want to go near the airport after 15hrs of flight last night but... trip's fun!

  12. On my way to the airport. Merry Christmas, everybody! Especially #RedWings and #Lions fans! I'll be missing some games... :(

  13. Heading to Seoul tomorrow, then to Shanghai. I like traveling, but not the flight. And I'll be missing some games. #LGRW #GoLions

  14. 4 weeks without my favorite magician on ice? Life sucks. #RedWings