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  1. Andreas Athanasiou. I think he is going to really surprise people one day.
  2. Backstrom is so clutch.
  3. Hello Everyone,As it turns out, I have two tickets to the DSO tonight at 8 PM for Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony, but I am unable to attend.If anyone is interested in going tonight please message me here or in a private message.First come first serve. I'll do my best to meet someone halfway if necessary.Thanks for your time,Ian

  4. Too many fools with voices.

  5. "Christianity makes some strong arguments." - A Catapult. #justaoe2things

  6. I keep trying to throw my boomerang away.

  7. Age of Empires at the UC. Feel free to join. :-)

  8. Necessity is the mother of... AUGH! KETCHUP, GET OUT OF THE BOTTLE! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!

  9. Attention PSYCHOLOGY Majors!Does anyone have the books for the following classes?HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY PSYC 455ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY PSYC 440PSYCHOLOGY STATS PSYC 381PSYCHOLOGY OF LANGUAGE PSYC 375Thank you for your time.Ian Patterson

  10. I've been sick for the last 4 day with a fever, please pray for me and that the fever would break.

  11. Citizens of Facebook!I have moved! Huzzah!!!However we (my roommate Nate and I) are lacking a few things.We are looking for couches, a table, chairs, and a TV stand. If anyone has any leads let me know.Thanks,Ian Patterson

  12. My soul belongs to God, I know,I made that bargain long ago,He gave me hope when hope was gone,He gave me strength to journey on...