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  1. Worst Hockey Team Name Ever?

    Macon Whoopie from GA
  2. Wings sign Todd Bertuzzi

    I was going to miss this season due to deployment, now i won't be missing much. WORST NEWS EVER
  3. Red Wings Shift Foucus to UFA's

  4. kozlov, even though i hated seeing him go.
  5. Still Champions

    I agree with the first post. If the lions won thier division we'd be going nuts. If they made it to the super bowl you'd see tons of NFC championship hats. We just have high expectations.
  6. I think the sharks are still the number on threat. i know they've sucked in the playoffs but we saw the wings work threw that in the early 90's. The sharks could be on a similar path.
  7. Babcock sums it up in one sentence...

    they've played a ton of hockey in the past couple years. some pysical playoff series and they are not the toughest or most durable team. I'm just glad they continue to presue improvment, and put themselves in a position to win ever year.
  8. To the Pens fans

    I still hate crosby, but the pens did play better. I can't wait for Pens Wings 3.
  9. Conn Smyth

    I think it should go to the player who is most valuable to his team during a playoff run. Wait isn't that the way it is?
  10. Maltby Clip

    i just like how he took crosby out of that zone he was in... looked like he was daydreaming.
  11. The Reasons That The Wings Are Losing

    x2 most of his shots seemed to be from outside, but thats when the other guys need to be in front to make things happen.
  12. My heart goes out to Datsyuk

    I think they'll wait, why force him into a winning lineup?