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  1. Very hard to watch but hopefully that type of game for them will make them work hard at improving very fast.
  2. I'd like to see him re-signing atleast a 4 year extension and probably go back to Russia to finish. But it's all up to him. I love to watch him play. Just hope he leaves later then sooner.
  3. Man that guy was good. Fast as balls too.
  4. Just because he has awesome timing for his Kronwalling doesn't mean he has to answer to the receivers buddies. Now if it was dirty hitting then I he should expect to answer.
  5. Hope they can work this out. Soon.
  6. Congrats
  7. Yes
  8. Go Wings!!! #20 hopefully
  9. I was pumped when he was no 1 and team chara
  10. Not sure if I would want him or not. He's a good player and the Wings always pick up players like him toward the end of their careers.
  11. I think we definately need a good back up so Howard can get a little rest. He's playing awesome right now but he might be a little too tired once we get deeper in the season. Then it will be really rough for him in the playoffs.
  12. Not their best. Yet again Howard gets run into
  13. I agree. Howard has been hit way too many times already this season. And he's always the one to go after the guy. They need to start going after guys big time. Strike some fear. Hudler can use some of that UFC training.
  14. I'm curious to see how tired they're going to be tonight
  15. Unless they get a different back up they can trust more. I think he might be too tired when playoffs come around