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  1. Yeah, it was Sportshaven. I called Sportsk first and they were booked through Christmas, the guy I talked to suggested Sportshaven and they quoted me that price over the phone.
  2. Wow. Found a place in Wyandotte that said they'd do the whole thing for $129. Going to dig a little further but it looks like the mystery is solved. Thanks everybody. And thanks for the girl in line at JLA buying tickets on Saturday morning who suggested I ask on this board for help.
  3. That's an idea. Unfortunately, I didn't see it. We've been on the lookout at every game since, but haven't seen it again. She's still kicking herself for not asking where they'd gotten it. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions, everyone.
  4. Thanks.
  5. My wife and I were at a game last season and she saw a Datsyuk Red Wings jersey with his name written in Cyrillic, Дацю́к. I have been looking online ever since but not found one for sale. I'm hoping to find one by Christmas, any suggestions?