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  1. я стараюсь не очень верить в знаки, но по дороге включил @RadioROKS_ua, а там звучала 'We Are The Champions' от Que…

  2. RT @1aprildaniels: Lando has more interesting potential for a prequel than Han because we meet Han in a dive bar and nobody ever wondered h…

  3. @SeattleMIXtape finally, Jesus, all the time I was following this account only because of hopes to see this.

  4. RT @DetroitRedWings: On #NationalHighFiveDay we give you... The greatest High 5.

  5. RT @berdychever: А уявіть, вмикаєте ви зараз телевізор, а там на всіх каналах Ющенко: "Любі друзі, експеримент закінчено." І ОДРАЗУ Ж ҐРИНД…

  6. акценты смещаются

  7. RT @wingingitmotown: Traditionally the workday is 9-to-5 but if you want to be done early like the Leafs, you take a 7-3 instead.

  8. #newcleats #newshoes #newcleatswag #nike #niketiempo #newblack #ultimate #frisbee #ultimatefrisbee

  9. #onepride

  10. RT @eggvideo: В приюте нашли оригинальный способ найти котикам хозяев. Хочу себе Лете) #коты

  11. RT @bubbaprog: 8:59 p.m. Eastern Time

  12. впервые за долгое время засиделся допоздна и творчески поработал. самому за себя приятно.

  13. woah


  15. RT @ChrisBurkeNFL: Because Rod Wood mentioned it, here are the times this season that a team probably will not be able to play at home beca…

  16. RT @spacemnkymafia: 1. Beer 2. Whiskey 3. Rum 4. Wine 5. Tequila 6. Vodka 7. Champagne 8. Brandy 9. LSD

  17. RT @yebenya:

  18. Your 2018 Detroit @tigers, ladies and gentlemen

  19. RT @TechnicallyRon: How the seasons work in the UK: Jan - Cold Feb – Still Cold Mar – Still cold but snow now Apr - Rain May – More rain Ju…

  20. RT @CoachMotto: Players should want coaches to be hard on them. One way to tell a great player: How they react to being pushed. – Steve Nash

  21. Марко Мендоза конечно мощный альбом выпустил

  22. RT @golubovsky: Так бачу:

  23. RT @SimpsonsQOTD: “If you are looking for trouble, you found it.” #StephenHawking

  24. RT @NGSDetroit: Happy #313Day from the supporters of Detroit’s soccer club.

  25. RT @JeopardySports: “What is: Sunday?” #JeopardySports #NFL