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  2. Wanted: CCM Stevie Y Jersey

    Hey, on the subject of sizing do any of you know the real sizing chart for the new Winter Classic jerseys. Because the nhl shop has a sizing guide that basically looks like a small is going to be huge and then ice has a completely different take on the measurements which look quite reasonable, however this guide isn't on the shop website. I pretty sure I'm looking at the right sections as well, they are classed as 'premier' jerseys right? I'm planning on getting one real soon but I just can't figure out what size to get, as I'm in the UK if I get the wrong one then I'm screwed for sending it back! I'm 6ft2 nearly 6ft3 and weight around 180 pounds, if anyone could send me in the right direction I would much appreciate it, thanks. http://www.icejersey.../sizeChart.html - - ?????