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  1. Heading to JLA for the first time ever for Game 3 - few questions

    well I would have an option for either my Sharp jersey but its a red one so doesn't really help or borrow a throwback/winter classic from a friend but I have a liking for my Kane Allstar jersey from Ottawa As for why Id like to see the battle at JLA - because I have it on my bucket list (like many men I'm sure) to see a game in every stadium and what better time than during a rivalry in the playoffs - plus as I said I work at the UC so I have to be at every game so I can't enjoy it as much As far as prices range they are RIDICULOUSLY different. UC prices for our first 2 games this round - standing room: (up in the rafters unlike JLA) $85 - 300 level: $145 200 level: $240+ 100 level: $350 (face value on ticketmaster is like 80-600) JLA prices range from 60-200 face value And as for the national anthem, that's one of the things ill really miss about the game (well and the Chelsea Dagger playing )
  2. Heading to JLA for the first time ever for Game 3 - few questions

    Well that's a shame. I apologize for any rude remarks you get in Chicago. I will give a little stink eye to opposing fans if they are obnoxious but just wearing the gear and cheerin on your team is fine by me
  3. Heading to JLA for the first time ever for Game 3 - few questions

    Well we aren't staying the night and will be heading back to at least Lansing right after the game but most likely right back to Chicago so I can get to work in the morning. As far as Chicago fans, I work currently at the UC and other than the occasional Detroit Sucks chant that's the extent I've seen but I'm not inside the actual bowl so it could be different inside. I don't expect it to be that bad but you never can be too cautious with new surroundings. Obviously I won't be chirping back/standing up and cheering like an idiot but I hope people don't mind seeing the back of my Kane jersey . The most of my heckling will be with my girlfriend who will be wearing her Datsyuk jersey
  4. hey everyone, ill first start off by saying im am from *gulp* chicago and ive always wanted to experience a Blackhawks - Red Wings game in Detroit so Im planning on making the trip out there next week. Ive never been to the Detroit area so any suggestions/tips would be great. 1) Hows parking around JLA and where do people suggest to park and what should we expect to pay? 2) Doors open 1 hour before game time correct? 3) Finally, how are Detroit fans with opposing fans haha - myself and my younger boys will be repping our Blackhawks gear of course and Ive heard Detroit can be pretty brutal. thanks for the help in advance and i cant wait for this series to get underway!