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  1. RT @FreakyTheory: People can say anything about you, but only you know the truth.

  2. RT @HoodBibIe: The greatest television news interview ever.

  3. RT @LoiterSquadPost: Sick of having no milk?

  4. RT @sixwordshort:

  5. RT @Ieansquad: chance really got the juice like THIS?! f*** me up

  6. RT @StripperPoIe: my ex taught me, that ain't s*** personal, people gone do what they gone do. Whether u good or bad to them mfs only worri…

  7. RT @FunnyPicsDepot: this s*** changed the world

  8. RT @GoalieWays: How to avoid penalties 101

  9. RT @TotalProSports: This is why I come to twitter. ????????????

  10. RT @BestOfBbalI: Steph Curry flexed and then got laid out by DeAndre Jordan

  11. RT @LoiterSquadPost: MAURICE TRIES CRACK ????????

  12. RT @NoChillsZone: Still one of my favourite videos of all time

  13. RT @LifeWithAlcohol: Cop: Is there any alcohol or drugs in the car? Me: iS thERe aNY alCohOl oR DRugs in The CaR?

  14. RT @BoyOrGirlReveal: burnout ????

  15. RT @WorIdStarComedy: The Greatest Block in NBA History - Told by Richard Jefferson ????