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  1. Aeothe Kaear

  2. February 9th - THE RETURN OF THE MULE!

    That was supposed to happen last time. Instead we've sputtered bigtime ever since our last big win in the Tank.
  3. april in the D

    You could totally stink it up this year and still be better than either of the last two. Yikes.
  4. Was it Dan O'Halloran?
  5. Leino the calder candidate

    Toooooo slow
  6. Kronwall out 4-8 weeks with sprained MCL

    ++ Totally. Very much hoping this is true.
  7. Fans fight over Niedermayer's stick

    I was watching that when it happened. I thought I was imagining it at first
  8. Shouldn't the NHL step in here?!?

    The NHL is in bed with Comcast, so they've effectively taken sides.
  9. why not grab some playoff style defensemen?

    Well, unless he blew out his knee or something.
  10. Last Time a Team Won Game 7 on the Road.....

    Detroit: 12-7 in Game 7, won three straight (last loss: Sat Apr 30 1994, SJ 3 Det 2) Pittsburgh: 6-4 in Game 7, won three straight (last loss: Sat Jun 1 1996, Flo 3 Pit 1)
  11. Last Time a Team Won Game 7 on the Road.....

    I'll be damned. I thought that was a Game 7, but you're right.
  12. Last Time a Team Won Game 7 on the Road.....

    Didn't the '89 Calgary Flames win the Cup in Montreal?
  13. Freezing the foot...?

    When was that?
  14. The "Positives & Positive Thinking" thread

    Detroit's record in series that are tied 2-2: 23-13 (.639) Pittsburgh's: 9-10 (.474) Detroit in home Game 5s: 30-18 (.625) Pittsburgh in road Game 5s: 7-11 (.389)
  15. Wings fans should tune out to protest Versus, officiating

    Yes, HD is actually that cool. Of course CBC's coverage is much better and it's painful to listen to those jokers on VS, but that big high res picture can't be beat.