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  1. 2009 Wing's Playoff Slogan

    It's slogans like this that confuse Tom Cruise.
  2. Joel Quenneville arrested for DUI

    While I dont condone this, I'm pretty much of the opinion that "There but by the grace of God go I". My guess would be that pretty much evryone on this board could have lgotten a DUI at one time or another.
  3. Drake out with a fractured cheekbone

    Maybe he can borrow an extra mask from Rip. These guys are really missing the boat. A Guy Fawkes sports mask would be awesome. /Remember, remember yada yada
  4. Hockeytown is DEAD

    Does this mean we can ditch the Sergi threads this year and start a "Hockeytown is Dead" thread every time the Joe doesnt sell out this season. I just want to make sure I'm on the right bandwagon.
  5. VS feed hard on the eyes?

    I could live with the s***ty picture (your right, btw. The cameras they are using must be left over from the middle 70's or something) if they would get rid of the crappy game calling. Maybe I'm Ken and Micky biased, but those guys last night blew. The only thing worse was that damn blue streak they tried a couple of years back. I'd go back to Mullet Top going down on the Avs every chance he got between periods to get rid of the Bozo's they had last night.
  6. RW Schedule for Outlook?

    While I'm not crazy about the added stuff about buying tickets, the Infuzer adds the score of the game to Outlook. Pretty cool.
  7. RW Schedule for Outlook?

    download the program then go back and click the download link again-that's how it worked for me anyway.
  8. RW Schedule for Outlook?

    As was pointed out to me last week, the Red Wings have created it for you. http://redwings.nhl.com/team/app/?service=...ge&id=18101
  9. Game Schedule to Outlook Import

    Thanks, missed that post.
  10. Game Schedule to Outlook Import

    Last season, someone was gracious enough to put the entire game schedule into an Outlook download-was it Matty? Anyway, any chance we could get that again?
  11. Yzerman as Leafs GM if Bowman becomes president

    And Mike Vernon was gonna be the goalie coach, Gordie Howe was going to be the head of public relations and if Chelly decides to retire they'll make him one of the assistants. Why is it every one from Toronto thinks that city is the Hockey Mecca? Should we once a day face Toronto and say a prayer to the hockey gods? Toronto blew last year and they will blow this year . It's like the smoking man from the x-files put a curse on them like he did the Bills, as long as he's alive, the Leafs will never win a cup.
  12. Wings sign Drake for 1-year, $550K

    Provided he stays healthy, might be interesting to watch Mr. Drake reintoduce hmself to Mr. Pronger during the playoffs next year.
  13. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

  14. WCF Game 3 (5/15): Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    In addition to Kunitz out for the rest of the playoffs (broken bone in hand and underwent surgery) Shannon is questionable for tonight (per Home Ice-XM this morning). Having a winger like Kunitz out is not good for the Duck. The Duck has had major problems taking stupid penalities away from the puck. I predict they will come out trying to hit a little too much tonight and start the stupid penality spiral (happens in front of the home crowd a lot). Add the motivation of Prongers comments (someone please find the picture of Yzerman leveling him from the playoffs a few years ago) and Calder finally being replaced (nothing against his playing prior to the injury but the broken hand is really showing) and I predict a different Wings team hitting the ice in Honda Center (liked it better when it was called "The Pond").
  15. Holmstrom: Out until at least Game 4

    Ok, so how reliable is a Swedish newspaper connection? Seems kind of fishy to me. We all know that injuries are never reported correctly during the playoffs (a head cold for God's sake, what is that code for?) but why would Homer talk to a Swedish newspaper?