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  1. according to the commentary under the youtube video, the rumor is the fans in the stands were giving him major grief...was anyone there and witness it? god, i would have loved being within earshot of that stupid f*****.
  2. hmm...which of these two teams just a few short years ago was bankrupt and nearly moved out of town? i'll give you one gigantic clue: it wasn't the red wings.
  3. yeah, that was classic! in my dreams i see lidstrom taking the cup from bettman and then sucker-punching in the face and the standing over his prone body and yelling "how's crosby's jizz tasting now, asshat--now i start putting rings on my other hand." of course that'll never happen because lids is too classy...but it makes for a nice fantasy.
  4. the problem is the light bulb has finally gone off in bettman's and the refs' heads.
  5. lol...the fix is in. this is worse than wrestling. bettman can take crosby and malkin and shove them both up his little ass till it bleeds.
  6. why haven't the pens learned how to deal with the wings defensive system? second time around. hello, mcfly!
  7. the worst d!cks on by far are on that board. there's not even a close second. i could care less if pittsburgh ever wins a cup again with those fans.
  8. chelios, draper, maltby most likely won't be back...abdelkader, helm, leino make the team out of camp. the wings have some young talent ready to move in and replace some veteran salary. i wouldn't be surprised to see them be able to keep both hossa and hudler...i assume there won't be a major push to sign samuelson (nothing personal, just a numbers game).
  9. not only did the nhl rescind it, but bettman noticed malkin seemed a little too tense--so he's going to work malkin's pipes and swallow the gravy before game 3.
  10. hawk fans should be proud of that team. they went out swinging tonight. great game.
  11. bingo. the wings should be getting a week off right now to heal up. instead bettman moves the date up--and does a back-to-back to boot. i hope the wings win again and AGAIN give that arrogant little prick bettman the middle finger.
  12. yeeessssssss!!!!!
  13. so how far away is this kid?
  14. might see him earlier than anticipated in detroit. dare i say next year?
  15. yes. i would assume a lot of people read these threads but aren't posting. thanks for the info.