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  1. RWfansince67

  2. Will You Be Surprised If We Lose?

    Will You Be Surprised If We Lose? Yes! According to the stats we are the best team in the NHL. We have the best record, and we have the best team. I expect the Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup this year. It will be a long and grueling playoff season but we will come out on top again. Keep the faith!!
  3. xGDT (9/20): Wild @ Red Wings

    Welcome aboard Spaniard! Your English and writing is just fine.
  4. The Russian Five

    Personally the first time I watched a Russian team I was awe struck with their skills. Anybody remember the series between Russia and Canada? Heres a link - - I have always had the greatest admiration for Russian players and still do. The Russian Five in Detroit was a glorious time.
  5. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

    Replying to New Spam-Prevention Initiative
  6. WCF Game 2 (5/13): Ducks 4, Red Wings 3 OT

    I really like your picks for the goal scorers, I'll throw in one more from Flipper, and now theres no way they can beat us tonight.
  7. Who do you think Hasek would want to face?

    I think Dom would relish facing either team. He's a confidant man and he would be in the biggest challenge of his life. I hope the Wings get the chance to play in the finals. As a fan I would rather we play Buffalo because they ended up as the top NHL team this regular season, and I think we can out play them, Ottowa, on the other hand, looks mighty dangerous. Howerver it goes, this playoff season has been quite exciting and promises to be so till the very end.
  8. Optimistic Thread....Series is Tied ! Were not out

    I'm hopeing the home ice advantage plays out in seven games. If we win in seven it will make the team realize how tough things are going to be for the rest of the play offs, and get themselves mentally adjusted to be tough and win by determination. I know they can do it, they can win it all this year.
  9. Playoff Slogan

    "Score EARLY - Score OFTEN"
  10. will wings win game 6?

  11. Another #19 jersey

    I just got a retirement gift, a CCM replica #19 Yzerman Captain jersey size XL. I really like it but it's too big. I'd like to work a trade for another jersey in size L, and would most want #9. I'll sell it as a last resort, but have always wanted a RW jersey. Any ideas welcome. Thanks, CWW