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  1. Who dealt at the deadline would've made the Wings significantly better and able to "win it now" as you say? Jeff Carter was the ONLY top six forward dealt leading up to the trade deadline. Yeah, it might of been nice if the Wings could've added some more forward depth, but there the Wings would've had to overpay for marginal players. Did you really want to see the Wings trade an elite prospect so the Wings would've beat Nashville to have Paul Gausted playing in the bottom six for a few months? The Wings improved their defense with Quincey and other teams made depth improvements too, but not a single contender made deal thats could make them significantly better, that would counteract running into a hot team, a lucky team, or a team that is just plain playing better.
  2. Or he could have signed with a team in the offseason or not signed in the KHL and been able to completely control his destination.
  3. The NMC doesn't take effect until after he clears waivers. You can't use an NMC to circumvent league rules.
  4. If the problem is with the rule, there's no point in everybody villifying the Islanders for daring to legally pick up a player the Red Wings wanted on waivers. The rule could possibly use some adjustments, but it is the rule and it is there for a good reason.
  5. Wow, there a lot of people who do not understand that is is perfectly within the rules to pick up a player on waivers.
  6. At this point in his career, he really can't afford to not report. If he was in his prime or a hot-shot up-and-comer, he could. He already priced himself out of the market last summer and he's going to have to take even less this summer if all he has on his resume in the past season is a short, iffy stint in the KHL. He can get some good playing time with the Islanders and get himself moved near the deadline or get a decent contract as a FA
  7. That would be almost worse for his career then taking a suspension. A 35 year old goalie who has already sat out for a bit after a short time in the KHL, he gets in the NHL and then plays like crap. He might as well put the nail in the coffin.
  8. It's not significant. The rules don't change because of the career status of the player and they don't change because people are choosing to look at this through red and white colored glasses. The Islanders have the leverage, Nabokov is, by rules, a New York Islander. He plays or he is suspended and at this stage of his career, a suspension would be a career killer. He would be an idiot not to report.
  9. Agreed. Nabokov will only be there for a few months, less if something can be worked out at the tradeline. And he should be able to get a lot of starts from the Islanders and get a better contract next year. Honestly, I think Meehan and Nabokov are just bluffing to see if Snow is willing to work something out with Detroit or another team. Nabokov will report in the end if nothing changes
  10. It's not gonna happen if the Islanders aren't going to trade/waive him, he's going to play instead of risking suspension or having this "tolling" thing done.
  11. Why does that matter, the rules are the rules, whether the team is good or bad.
  12. It's in the rules that it was very likely that Nabokov could be claimed by a team and he was. The New York Islanders did not dick around the Wings or Nabokov. They followed the rules. And let's be honest, if a player pulled this on the Wings, this board would be raking him over the coals.
  13. Ilari Filppula been playing well in GR, but if the Wings want to give somebody on farm some useful time on the big club, they'll call up on of their better prospects. Ilari Filppula not exactly a spring chicken in his first year in the AHL....I really don't see him as someone with a future in Detroit.
  14. I'm guessing Lemaire has replaced Larry Robinson as the guy who hangs around, waiting for Lou to replace a coach.