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  1. Floppa out tonight.. just heard on TSN
  2. ummm.... 8 for 8... look whos still playing.... could be a good indication of who he went for.. sorry, too easy
  3. I think it was Taylor Hall. He's a good ol Kingston (Ontario) boy !!!
  4. I saw this on Coach's Corner last night and just came accross this acticle... I thought the series was somewhat physical myself... "Don Cherry, analyzing the physicality of the Wings-Predators series on Monday's "Hockey Night in Canada": "I'm not knocking that Detroit-Nashville thing, but it was amazing how 10 guys on the ice could avoid each other the way they did."" Thoughts??
  5. Exactly.. lets not forget how much faith most ppl have put in ESPN's hockey knowledge in the past. Plus, GAA is not as relevant as save % for a team that has arguably the best D in the league. I think most ppl acknowledge the fact that goal could be detroit's biggest challange this playoff and ranking them as 3rd in this category is likely overstated!!!
  6. anyone know why i can't get any standing room to any games?? maybe they are waiting for all seats to sell before releasing SRO?
  7. Anyone know who is starting in goal?
  8. Awesome!!! Thats exactly what I wanted to hear (minus the tix prices ). .. Since Im going to be in town alone, I will likely get a single off the 'admission' website - a good single which will cost close to $200 (in the habs zone of course!!!)... good to hear lots of wings jerseys, ill be one of them!!! Thanks for the info. 1 question for you - how does the seating work? Is 'BB" 2nd row?
  9. Just found out that I am going to be in Montreal for business and guess what - the Wings are in town at the same time (Dec 4th)!! I couldn't be more pumped - I will def be wearing my black wings practice jersey and representing!! Tickets are very expensive - no lower bowl $27 standing room (why people bash the ticket prices at the Joe I have no idea) but should be a good time.. Question is - any fellow Wings fans ever been to the Bell Centre and have any advice? Know of any good pregame bars in the area/anything else I should know?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Steve
  10. on a separate note - has anyone heard whether Sid is playing tomorrow?
  11. pronget suspended for 1 game
  12. Hasek averages 20 shots on net per game and defence is our weakness? Rolston should go back to not being a good hockey player.
  13. I was originally a fan of Hull, and rooted for his teams (St Louis, Dallas, then Detroit) but have remained a Detroit fan ever since he was on the team.
  14. Question for you guys - are playoff matchups after the 1st round according to regular season points (best vs worst format) or is it on some other basis? I have a hockey pool tonight and am trying to create a playoff tree and need to determine matchups based on my predictions of the 1st round and after. Thanks.