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  1. 12/31 GDT: Blues 2, Red Wings 0

    Hey all. Haven't posted here in a while, but thought I'd weigh in on this one. Blues took the puck possesion game right from the Wings. Not having Zetterburg and Holmstrom is the only thing that might that possible. Pretty solidly defensively by both teams. It figures a d-man would score the goal in the end...The back and forth series between our teams this year continues. Like many other posters here, I have thought for some time now that there will be a DET/STL 1st round playoff, and that should be a good one. It seems the Blues play some of their best hockey against the Wings.... Happy New Year and be safe...
  2. My take on UFA's Thus far...

    The original poster sounds pretty bitter, because all these big named free agents didn't choose to come play for the godly Wings... Every team that signed a free agent addressed glaring needs, and all are improved. As for Kariya...the Blues played very well under Murray. Brought them back from 13 games under five hundred to pull a .500 record. Lots of young talent in the system. They will be a MUCH better team thanh most believe. They really turned it on at the end of the year despite losing Tkachuk and Guering, and with Rucinski and McKee hurt almost all year. Not to mention Erik Johnson signing, and playing all year...This will be a much different Blues team. Kariya said that Andy Murray was a big reason he choose STL. Murray is VERY highly regarded in the Canadian game. Tkachuk came back because of Murray as well (along with some other stuff...). Can't wait for the Blues-Wings rivalry to heat back up. It is my favorite rivalry in sports...