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  1. Hotel rates are higher there right now because the next day is the U of M / OSU Football game. EDIT: I just checked for hotel rates on my employee discount. No such luck. Glad I made reservations a month ago.
  2. While watching Game 5 of the '02 finals, it's amazing the number of future hall of famers were on this team. Shanny, Fedorov, Yzerman, Datsyuk, Hull, Robitallie, Larionov, Holmstrom, Lidstrom, Chelios, Hasek. But what about Homer? His numbers seem a little low, but he's certainly a unique player and the best at what he does. Add in has name on four Cups, three where he was a part of the playoff team. Thoughts?
  3. 20-Cent isn't even in the top two best American born players in Black Hawk history!
  4. Two years would not be a good thing, unless it's a year and a team option for the second (if such a thing exists in the NuHL)
  5. No, that will always be Brent Gilchrist's number....
  6. I also vote for J Ho.
  7. It is way too soon to be comparing Ville to Boyd Neverscores.
  8. For the '10-'11 season, the Balks are currently between 4-6 million dollars over the projected cap with only 9 forwards, 5 defensemen, and 1 goalie signed. Ladies and Gentlemen, your Chicago Bay Lightning.
  9. They're going to have to. These contracts will probably put them between 5 and 7 mill over the cap for next season (and that's with only 16 players signed). Their number 3 (Campbell) defenseman is getting paid more than 7 mill a year through 2016, their number 2 defenseman (Seabrook) is an RFA and due a big raise after next season. They may not be giving away their players for nothing, but the players that are going to back up their top line and defensive pairing will be playing for peanuts. They'll be lucky to get draft picks for some of the crappy contracts they're going to have to unload.
  10. Oh boy, I can't wait until we play the Tampa Bay Blackhawks next year. They'll have five good players and an AHL team on their roster.
  11. Lines of cocaine off a stripper's ass.
  12. I prefer the nickname Boyd Neverscores.
  13. Long time, no post, but I need some help from any Texan Wings or hockey fans; I'm going to be in San Antonio Tuesday 5/5 and in the northern Dallas suburbs on Thursday 5/7. Hoping someone here can recommend places to watch the games. Thanks, y'all!
  14. C'mon Kenny, load the contract with incentives and get this guy signed!
  15. Just wanna make sure i don't get deleted