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  1. Franzen is so strong, that was all because he hustled
  2. Why is Filppula so damn soft, as soon as he gets touched he loses the puck
  3. Williams is brutal, he makes me miss Sammuelsson
  4. Datsyuk should win another Selke this year
  5. Just let me be frustrated...LOL
  6. I never said I don't wanna watch them, I will continue watching every game like I've been doing for the last 10 years (I moved here from Europe). I guess it's my bad for expecting a complete game from this team
  7. I've had season tickets for the last 8 years, I have the right to be frustrated with their play. And by phoning it in, I thought you meant giving up, not losing on purpose, I'd have to be retarded to actually think that. I sure hope they will right the ship, but so far this team has disappointed, let's be realistic about it.
  8. Pretty much. I'm not a spoiled fan because I'm used to them winning. They're the ones that made all the fans have certain expectations. Look at how they played in Sweden, falling asleep as a team because they think they're entitled to their wins just cause they're the Red Wings. I'd like to see them have 60 minute effort on a regular basis.
  9. Again, I understand teams lose and I accept that, but I'd like to see that they actually try out there. I'm not a spoiled fan, I just expect better from this team and I'm sure Babcock is too
  10. LMAO !!! What a joke, we only won the cup and were one game from winning it again in the last 2 seasons
  11. It's not the fact that they lose, it's the way they lose. This is really pathetic
  12. Ozzie, WTF
  13. Can our powerplay look worse?
  14. Ozzie