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  1. Rant From a Flames fan

    It's not a good idea to piss off Dion "goon" Phaneuf as he has an uncanny ability to smoke someone within the rules and have them eat with a straw and walk with a cane for a few months. There is not a better open ice hitter in the league today,very dangerous yes, but none the less if he was on the Wings you would want him as the next mayor of Detroit He is "dangerously" a great young talent and not only because he can hurt people. I use to love smiles ala Bobby Clark, nowdays the players are doing Crest commercials
  2. Rant From a Flames fan

    I think if you look at my post you'll see i'm not slamming the Wings,I'm slamming the idiots that make 150-200k a year to make a game fair. Calling Chelios an old man and using the term Lillypad is just a fun fan thing to say. I'm better now....go wings, until we meet again
  3. Rant From a Flames fan

    Ok, i admit i came off strong but as i said..that was very frustrating to watch. Either way i don't think i'm wrong or As a fan of both teams i don't want the outcome to be decided by imbeciles.
  4. Rant From a Flames fan

    Ok, those who know me from my posts know i'm not a troll as a matter of fact i'm a Wings fan second after a Flames but this game was facking brutal, Detroit can clutch, grab and interfere at will yet the Flames are called for sniffing on the Wings, I PVR'ed the game and i still can't find 3 of the Flames penaties. they don't call the old man on a knee on knee and where was the instigator penalty after Phaneuf destroyed Jiri. Lillypad goes after Phaneuf and no penalty? I don't like the instigator rule but it is still there or at least i thought it was. I swear the Wings had blowjob girls set up for the refs tonight...very frustrating
  5. Hows camp going?

    Greetings from Calgary, my fantasy pool is next sunday and i was hoping for a tip on a possible sleeper pick from the Wings this year, also hows Dats and Zetts looking so far? Also i'm trying to get a flight for the Wings/Flames matchup on Oct 10, i'll be wearing last years Phaneuf jersey and my wife will have a new Lombardi jersey on if you want to say hi. I dought you'll miss us as my wife is blonde and 6' tall...you may not even notice me though
  6. New Calgary uniforms leaked - kinda

    The whole league are getting the new streamlined RBK edge jerseys,some will look totally different and others not so much,but when you see one up close or put one on you'll really see the difference.
  7. New Calgary uniforms leaked - kinda

    hey guys,long time no talk Anyway i'm told that the new Jerseys will be very close to those pics posted,(except for the dumb double logo) the lines of yellow will be a little thinner or possibly left out on vertical but otherwize its pretty damn close...personly i like them. BTW you guys got any good sleeper picks from your team this year that would be un-noticed by poolsters in Calgary?
  8. Interesting read from big-mouth himself ! http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=203661&hubname=
  9. Back again-good luck

    To be fair though just about every "expert" in the media is calling for an easy Wings win. can't blame em though
  10. Back again-good luck

    Hey guys,haven't been here since 04,Wings were my favorate team growing up but i'm still hoping for my Flames to upset the Wings "tall order this year though" If the Wings win i'll be routing for them all the way