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  1. datsyuk's foot

    Has anyone watched NHL Network's pregame? I moved to Utah last year so that's all the hoceky I really get so I'm stuck watching that but I guess before game 3 they interviewed Talbot and he went out and scored two goals. Well, they interviewed him before game 4 and even said "talbot wants us to do this because he's supersitious" I was so annoyed that they would do that! Would they do that if someone from the Wings wanted that? Well, the interviewed him before game 5 too!! So needless to say I was annoyed with Talbot before the game even started and a part of me was like HA what are you going to do now Talbot? Is the NHL network gonna be biased again too?!
  2. Street Vendor & places to find Merchandise

    Dicks, JCPennys and stores like that had a lot of shirts and stuff but everywhere I visited said the hat was sold out. You could get on a waiting list and they'd call you when they got a shipment but they wouldn't hold any or give a rebate or anything like that.
  3. Fleury squirts Al Sobotka with water

    I think he was actually joking about the Dominos. Why would they waste the time sending OUT for pizza when they have it all there? It was just a joke at the owner, that's all.
  4. Lang believes Fisch will retire..

    First off, Fischer sooner or later is going to have to retire - EVERYONE is. Duh. And i'm not gonna say my opinion on this but all I want to say is that it really annoys me that people are saying "this is what is best/right for Fischer" Do you know Fischer? No. None of us do. So to say retiring(or really anything) is best/right for him is just stupid, IMO. We don't know what those test shows. We don't know what Fischer is feeling or going through. All we can do is look at stats of similier things and look at him at the press conference. Is the thought of retiring going through his mind? Most likely. Is it high up there? Most likely considering the odds of finding out what happened BUT that does not give us the right to say THIS is what is best for him because we don't know what is best for him. My mom was working the other day during the press conference and was talking with the other nurses and they were all saying he should retire and my mom was like "would you tell a patient that came in here, from the same thing, the same age, the same shape, that he couldn't drive again? Or that he couldn't do what he loved again? No. They would ahve to make that decision based on how they feel about the whole thing. This happened once, it's not our place to tell him what he should and shouldnt do, and what is right and wrong for him. He has to figure it out and should not stop living and doing what he loves because of something that happened once" Another team may not sign him. BUT if she stays in shape and come a couple of years down the line and NOTHING has happened since and he passes all the tests, someone would sign him. No one is going to sign him right now, nor do I think he would even THINK about it, but Fischer IMO is not going to give up on his life and dream, this soon. He's going to do whatever he can to play again. He knows that Hockey is not the most important thing anymore but he still loves it. Okay.. so maybe i stated my opinion on this hehe and sorry for rambling btu it just bugs me.