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  1. SpankEmRed

    Semin signs one year, $7m deal with Carolina

    Only 2 career NHL games. Methinks a Kindl replacement. (sorry, not trying to hijack the thread boys and girls. Carry on)
  2. SpankEmRed

    Semin signs one year, $7m deal with Carolina

    Hey... Kenny's been busy too ya know. He landed us a D-Man in Brennan Evans! Career AHLer looks like, but he's a big guy at least. Source: (I swear this was the only place that I saw any mention of it)
  3. SpankEmRed

    Wings Call Up Leino & Downey

    SWEET! I'm going to be at that game. Can't wait to see Leino in action! Fifth row up behind the Wings bench too...
  4. SpankEmRed

    The Pittsburgh Penguins...

    I was playing a drinking game with my firends... everytime the VS. boys said 'Crosby' we had to drink. Needless to say we had to make another beer run during the first commercial break of the game. This Crosby man-loving is disproportionate to his actual accomplishments. Then they show Zetterburg as if to compensate for 'the other team' on the ice. Sometimes they even allowed Zetts to share a split-screen with Jesus Crosby just to prove how humble THE NEXT ONE really is. (cough I remember the Lindros Epic Fail cough cough)
  5. SpankEmRed

    Wow, Pittsburghers are really ticked

    I shot this one off to him yesterday morning: *************************** Subject: you might want to drink some milk... It might dull down those sour grapes of yours. I don't want to feed your already bleeding heart over Sid, Malkin and whoever else is left of the other Penguins, but if I were on that team I would get so tired of Crosby's Jesus-complex. Ovechkin is hockey's darling now, the trip was short for 'Sid the Kid' I guess. There's a lot of tears in Pitt over your sports teams I'm sure, but don't go bagging on blue-collar Detroit just because we won a hard-fought battle with your Penguins. Both teams showed up and played well and it was the game of inches and seconds that made it fair and exciting. Your attitude stinks about Detroit and I would be surprised if your column and opinions were very popular in Pittsburgh... what you wrote about Hossa isn't journalism or commentary or even an editorial. It sounds like crying over a beer that you'd hear right after the final game ended earlier this month. Get over it, Detroit won because they were better and that's why Hossa flew the igloo. Ronald A. Miller Lansdale PA ****************************** Funny how 'sour grapes' is so fitting here that everyone is using it. Think he got the picture?
  6. SpankEmRed

    Wow, Pittsburghers are really ticked

    I think he was making the point that if Hossa signed a longer term contract and he got hurt he'd still be guaranteed the money... I'm sure the thought process for Pitt is this: Pitt: But we have Jesus Crosby and... here's a lot of money! Hossa: Erm, no thanks. Pitt: He must be out of his mind not to want to spend his life with Jesus Crosby. Hoss: Ovechkin's better...
  7. SpankEmRed

    Wings fans acting like babies

    The Iraqi Flames are just so pissed that the Wings aren't just rolling over like they pretty much did a few years ago. All this is saying is that it ok to sucker punch someone in the face when a) they're down and b) they're not looking. So be it. Can't wait to see how 'neutral' the Iraqi fans are once the Wings take matters into their own hands... which is now what they are forced to do. Pretty soon the hockey world will forget all about Bertuzzi and Steve Moore. The Iraqi Flame punks are now a corporate manifestation of everything that is wrong with this sport. So the Iraqi Flames are not only without any integrity, but also without remorse, no matter... they should be shut down completely in just 60 more minutes of ice time. That's retribution enough for me. I say they should have let their useless backup play. THAT would have been fun to watch.
  8. SpankEmRed


    As long as the Wings get the two points let the haters keep on hatin'.
  9. SpankEmRed

    Wings acquire Kyle Calder in 3-way deal

    ...of course he'll have to reliquish his number. And he can't take '91'... or maybe he should... As soon as I saw Calder's name on the waive list I had this sinking feeling. He was supposed to be all that back in his rookie year, I think we should give him a chance. Worst case scenario: he performs exactly like Williams and Kenny paid practically nothing for it (Joey Mac's change in fact). Face it, he can't do any worse.
  10. SpankEmRed

    Yes, I know this is cliche...

    Can you put an asterisk next to the ones who are little more than dumb-penalty magnets? (This sounds smart-assy but it's not meant to be. I think this list can be broken down to guys who help their team by 'enforcing' and guys who just have a wolverine-like bad temper...)
  11. SpankEmRed

    Greg Johnson

    This wasn't a rumor nor was it a speculation, it was lazy journalism and was denied by the source the same day it was announced. There is a thread on the main discussion board that took over the subject with more visibility.
  12. SpankEmRed


    I'm a big fan of Ozzy the man, but he has always been among the worst clutch goalies that I've ever seen. Every time the game is on the line, it seems like he loses all concentration in the last 60 seconds or so of the game. I wish I had a compilation reel of every time he let in a goal with seconds left on the clock... I need to consume a half bottle of antacids during the commercial breaks right before the last five minutes of play when the game is close and Ozzy's in the net.
  13. SpankEmRed

    G Joey MacDonald placed on waivers

    If tonight's game wasn't so important I would like to see him start one last time. He deserves better than the fate he received... Now I don't expect to see him as a #1 in the near future, but he needs more than just a little redemption against the Oilers. I just wanted to smack the living hades out of Raffe Torres for that lame head-bob crap that he displayed during the shoot-out. God, how I wanted Joey to stonewall that idiot for grandstanding like that. [PS I do want to see Torres in a Wings jersey some day, but that little chicken-head move was just soooo annoying...]
  14. SpankEmRed

    Big Brawl in Buffalo (vs Ottawa)

    This is exactly why Center ICE is worth every penny... they're about to break it down in the intermission report. Thanks for the heads-up on this guys. Drury has a head injury of some kind. EDIT: It took them a long time to get the 'highlights' together and the recap was really lame. I didn't see what happened to Drury, but there was blood and he'll be out for the rest of the game. Looks like Wings/Avs all over again! (of course nothing ever will truly to that clash of the titans)
  15. SpankEmRed

    Greg Johnson

    I know, that's weird. Was he under any kind of contract when he came over to practice during the pre-season?