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  1. Great article, but it wouldn't have taken much effort to get his first wife's name right. It's Cheryl, not Rachel. And why don't people pay attention to the fact that Mac has made it known he did not -- and would not -- part with his Stanley Cup rings? He worked out an arrangement with the courts so that those did not go up for sale when he went bankrupt.
  2. Thank you! I'm no prude and have been known to drop an F bomb on occasion, but I rarely come here because of all the cursing and the seemingly unlimited number of young adolescents posting. Like someone said earlier, you get your point across better if you don't curse. To me, if you have to resort to multiple instances of it, that shows you don't have the ability or vobaculary to make your point otherwise.
  3. So, if Holland said he wants a defenseman, why did you automatically think of two left wingers?
  4. I don't like him because he's a waste of space. The Sharks were blowing by him yesterday, which hasn't been unusual this season, he makes just as many -- if not more -- boneheaded moves as Lilja and Sami, and has no "up" side if you ask me. He played much better last year but this year strikes me as rather disinterested. It's like he doesn't think he needs to fight to stay in the line-up anymore. Yes, he has speed, when he wants to use it, which hasn't been very often lately, and he is a defensive liability this season, for whatever reason. I don't know what's changed with him, but he's just not the same Lebda. I'd shed no tears if either he or Sami were traded, that's for sure.
  5. Did anyone record it for YouTube or some other location for those of us outside of Michigan?
  6. I don't know if it's only available here in Florida, but Sunshine has the game on TV tonight. It's channel 632 on my DirecTV.
  7. What about radio for pre-season games that aren't televised? Anyone know?
  8. Well, that's an icky layout and CSS. Too busy. Another bright idea of Bettman's to have all the teams exactly alike in every way. Pretty soon they'll all have to use the same team colors too.
  9. Alanis Morissette is singing the anthems tomorrow in Ottawa.
  10. I tried to get one for the last two years. HA only has the 03-04 team picture. I have a collection going back to the Cougars and want to add these pictures to it, but I haven't had any luck. It's especially tough because I live in Florida. If anyone finds last year's team or this year's, I'll pay for copies.
  11. I've been a member for four years now. I much prefer it to this site, even if it isn't as active. The people I've virtually met over there are worth way more than the price. They help out with Wings stuff and personal stuff and I feel we're all one big family, arguments included. I didn't come here much because everyone here seemed so adolescent and big on the cussing and stuff. I can swear with the best of them, but it really turns me off to see it in every post for no reason other than the poster couldn't come up with a better word. I've often wondered if I wasn't over the age limit to join this site since it seems most of the posters, certainly not all, are very young. I just prefer to discuss hockey and politics and religion with people who have actually watched the Wings since before their recent Stanley Cup wins. If you are interested in good insight into the team and the world from people who've been around awhile, then RWW is for you. If you're only interested in freebies, nevermind.
  12. This is terrific! What font did you use?
  13. At the time of the article, these were the Stanley Cup winners on the team: Chelios Datsyuk Draper Hasek Holmstrom Lidstrom Maltby Osgood Schneider Williams The way I count, that makes 10.
  14. Playing San Jose in the first round wouldn't be that bad. Yes, we played badly against them during the regular season, but they have been playing very poorly of late, so we could hit 'em when they're down. Last year, starting in February, I kept saying, "Anyone but Edmonton." This year, I think we could take any of the teams that are out there right now, if we have the right frame of mind about it.
  15. Written like a true adolescent. This is a rivalry, created or not. These two teams will be battling each other for domination for years to come, just like the Wings and Leafs in the '40s and '50s. I don't like the Predators, but mostly because of the cherry pickers on the team and, to be honest, the vast majority of their fans (including their on-air personalities) come off as redneck yokels. It's hard for me to respect a team that is so proud of being hayseed.