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  1. I don't really understand the trade from the Sens perspective? Anyone else?
  2. Holy s***... didn't see that one coming.
  3. I'm in.
  4. Love all the different goalie mask designs.
  5. Ya but the goal was scored against what looked to be a bottom tier ECHL team.
  6. Agreed.
  7. Hilarious reading this thread from the start and what people wanted to do with Larkin. Not saying that they were wrong per-say but jimmy was on point with his thoughts and looks like the best decision was made because he is literally our best player right now and he's only 19. Holy s***.
  8. It's weird to see this list without the Leafs at the top, however, with the recent success of the Rangers and the Canadiens, I suppose it's not surprising especially since the Leafs suck and the Toronto market is now getting teams that aren't s***ty anymore with the Raptors and Blue Jays.
  9. Why are so many people so fond of the "throwback" styles?
  10. Anybody seen my Baby? - Rolling Stones
  11. Most teams do a version of skills competition anyway. Haven't really paid attention but has Helm ever done fastest skater for the Red Wings?
  12. I know I'm likely in the minority but I like the Red Wings jersey.
  13. Damn cross-post. All sorts of new friends, very few are the same. The person below me likes to go out dancing.
  14. I think this is a terrible idea. The reason the current OT 3 on 3 is so good is because of the speed and intensity of it. I envision just a s***load of breakaways where no one cares to backcheck and about 40 goals/mini game.
  15. I think this was a fine decision, but remember when these types of hits were legal and celebrated in the league?