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  1. Illitch: Definitely a new arena coming

    It was the home of the Orlando Magic, who now play in the Amway Center. Granted it's a much nicer Arena but the "old" arena was younger than the Palace and not a bad place to watch hoops. There was no need for a new one, just "keeping up with the Joneses". The new Wings arena MUST be named Olympia. I wish I could find a million Wings fans willing to pony up $5 so THE PEOPLE could buy the naming rights.
  2. Why play The Good Old Hockey Game at the end of the game?

    Not that version. Stompin' Tom's version is pure Canadiana, but the version used at JLA sounds like Ken Kal. Who is singing that cover version anyway???
  3. If only one could switch out Ike and the other kids from this clip with the likes of Cindy and Pie Boy, it'd be epic. However, considering the song at the end of it, I think it stands on its own merits.
  4. Fate of the Joe

    Dear Mr. Ilitch, I have a solution: Take the money that you would use to invest in a new arena and buy the Detroit Lions. Then move the Wings to Ford Field. If you do, I will feed my family Little Caesar's every day for the rest of my life. (a guy can dream, right?)
  5. Malkin's penalty rescinded (merged)

    They enforce the rule based on two criteria: 1) The team's latitude, in relation to the Mason/Dixon line 2) The roster That's why Walker (Southern team - gotta promote the game to them good ol' boys!) and Malkin got off free and clear. If Ward and Zetterberg were the aggressors, the rule would be enforced to the letter.
  6. A little bit about T, the Wings' DJ

    I actually kind of like the goal songs coinciding with the goals scored, i.e. Billy Joel's "Matter of Trust" intro ("one, two, 1-2-3-4!"). I also thoroughly liked the "whoaaa...WE'RE HALFWAY THERE..." of yesterday. It would have been infinitely cooler if it were non-scripted, but I digress. My goal is to one day hear the Sesame Street pinball theme at the Joe: 1-2-3 FOUR FIVE, 6-7-8 NINE TEN, ELEVEN, TWELVE...doo doo-doo de doo doo...
  7. If someone has connections to the team...

    I'm not sure, but there may be a rule or policy regarding employees/interns and autograph requests. If there isn't, then Redwingschick33 is my new BFF.
  8. I don't know which path to take, so I'm starting here: Whenever the Wings play in New England, it's tradition for several of my family & friends to fly East for the game. We drive down two hours, stay in a hotel, show them the city, and take in the game. My sister is a fixture. However, she's not going to make this year's game (the first in four years, thank you, Buttman) because she's set to give birth to the first son born in this family in over ten years. Her due date is a week after the game on February 2. I've already got him a little Wings outfit, but I want to get him something very special: a game-used stick from any one of the Wings signed "To Luke, welcome to the world, (players name)". It doesn't have to be a big name like a Lidstrom, Chelios, or could be a Boyd Devereaux type for all I care. Obviously, I'm not an autograph dealer or in it for the money. This will obviously blow my sister away, and when Luke gets into hockey he'll really appreciate it. I can pick it up in Boston while the team is in town, or we could make some other arrangements. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!
  9. Members photos

    There's pictures of me and my kiddo on my Myspace page, and feel free to add me if you wish. I'm kind of a frumpy dude, but my daughter is a cutie! * (OK, I'm biased toward her and my own worst critic, but you be the judge. It's safe to say I'm somewhere in between Brad Pitt and Brian Peppers)
  10. Holland on Trading Hudler

    Take this for what it's worth, but Minor League News ranked Penner its #6 prospect in the entire AHL, ahead of Hudler at #10. I would SO make that deal...
  11. Holland on Trading Hudler

    Hudler for Salei and Penner???? DO IT, I've seen Penner plenty of times in both NCAA for the Black Bears and the AHL with the Portland Pirates. He's fantastic. A young, tough power forward AND a solid defenseman for the stretch run for someone off the roster who we have a glut of (quick, flashy, smallish players)? KENNY, PULL THE TRIGGER.
  12. Griffins Training Camp Roster

    Used to go to Spitfire games quite frequently when I lived Downriver - Angel is a big kid, great size, but decision-making ability in his own zone and mobility were two glaring weaknesses in the O. Nice guy, and very very tough, but if he makes the Griff I don't see him as more than a 5th or 6th D-man.