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  1. So, I just read this about 20 min. ago. Seems like a bunch of B.S. to me! NHL rule for Wings Here's a snippet... "NHL Says Detroit's Tomas Holmstrom Must Be Five Feet from Goal to Score (Satire)...NHL Director of Officiating, Terry Gregson, forwarded rule 96A to the Red Wings via fax which states: "The Detroit Red Wings will not be allowed to score a goal unless Tomas Holmstrom is at least five (5) feet away from the goal crease. If the on-ice official determines that Holmstrom is less than five (5) feet away from the goal at the time the puck enters the net, the goal will be immediately disallowed."
  2. So, I spend a good amount of time most days reading about the Wings, and different blogs, articles that people write about them. Year after year, it seems people constantly gripe about the age of our roster. Although, maybe its just me...anyway, I find it interesting that this constantly comes up. "We need to get younger...," "Why do we still have X on the roster, etc." Sure, we have 7 players at or above 35 years of age (Lidstrom I don't even consider to be "old," and I'm sure most people will agree with me). But the other 16 players on our roster are 32 and lower, with a lot of them being 25-30. Then, I look at other teams' rosters. Sure, they might have an average age of 25 or so, but there's no other organization that is as complete as ours. Maybe people just love to hate on the Wings, or something? I know last year we were severely depleted as far as manpower goes, but look at what we did when we had all our guys healthy - hottest team in the NHL! We have a lot of depth, more so than what a lot of other teams have, that's for sure. And I still am not sold of players the age of 30-32 or so, being "old." I mean, if you can still play at a high level, who cares what your age is, as long as you're productive and producing and not holding the team/younger guys' development back. Anyway, sorry for the rant, just needed to get that out. I for one am really excited about this season, and really believe that we'll be atop the Central Division again, and battling for the Cup next May/June! Thoughts?
  3. Ovechkin Gets 2 Games.

    I agree with you. I looked at the hit about 10 times, in slow-mo and all, and I thought that by no means was it a dirty play. Unfortunate for both players, yes. But like you said, his body positioning never changed, and you can tell by his skating stride, as well that he wasn't going after his knee. Not to mention, you can see him actually lead in with the shoulder, but his knee got there first. Is he a little bit reckless? Yeah, maybe. But how many players in the NHL really play as hard as he does on a nightly basis? Not a lot. And I sure as hell wouldn't label him as a "dirty" player.
  4. 7-1-1

  5. Bad trend

    The Wings started off great last night, but again, gave up a couple of goals late in the game to give Atlanta a chance at a comeback. I know its early, and I'm sure that it will get fixed as the season goes on, but this is not a trend that I like seeing. I want to see us finish out games like we did last season, strong, and focused. It seems like a few seasons ago, when we would get a lead, just kind of sit on it and not keep playing like it was 0-0. Thoughts?
  6. So who's it gonna be?

    I would like to see them keep Leino up. This kid has impressed me throughout pre-season. I know there's talk about toughness, yada, yada - but if you look, Mac and Downey didn't play for much more than what, 5-8 minutes a game on average last year. Plus, a lot of our forwards are pretty physical as well. Datsyuk led everyone in the playoffs last year in hits. I would like to see how Leino would do as a true "rookie" in the NHL. Going up against other rookies like Stamkos of TB, etc.
  7. Are the Wings going to get a new arena?

    I seriously hope that they get a new arena sometime within the next few years. The Joe is an absolute POS. It has served us well, but it's days are here I think. The only thing that would suck is moving into a new arena not named "the Joe." I love all the history that is around it, but they need to do something to that arena if they don't move.
  8. 10/3 GDT: Maple Leafs @ Red Wings

    Well, there's always Hockeytown Cafe, right on Woodward Ave. My Wife and I ususally head there to grab a bite to eat before the game. Not too sure what other places have a shuttle, but you can always take the People Mover as well cause that puts you right at the Arena.
  9. Where do you play?

    I play at a couple of local rinks in Grand Rapids. Been playing there for about 8 years since I picked up Hockey again after H.S. I usually play defense now, but I've been playing Goalie ever since I was little. Just recently started to get back into playing Goalie again caused I missed it so much
  10. Hossa #18 WTF?

    Man, look at all you Maltby haters - what's up with that
  11. Red Wings biggest challenge

    My thoughts exactly!