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  1. bummer - thanks for the response of when i can find out though
  2. I have been looking around as i want to purchase tickets for Game 2 if it is on Friday the 15th. Many sites say that game 1 is on April 13, and game 2 is on April 15. Other sites say it has yet to be determined. Anyone know where can I find out if these dates are correct before I buy tickets? Thanks!
  3. mulligans is cheap (and smelly sometimes) but it is fun. However on a friday night, it is much more likely that they will have a live band rather than the sound of the game on. Any sports bar should be playing a wings playoff game i would hope.
  4. LGW has gone down the s***ter with newer members...
  5. ok.. i guess we should all just piss and moan about it - good thinking
  6. Im forwarding this thread to the redwings organization because clearly many of you know exactly what should be done. tell me more of what the wings organization has to do please!!!
  7. i just remembered i missed it and i really want to download it or something. Does anyone remember what it was called exactly or have a link to that behind the scenes on the road special they had?
  8. alright time to get off the forums and watch the game for me enjoy the comeback everyone!
  9. intermission filler
  10. so you admit that complaining is the 2nd worst thing ever?
  11. i can agree with that. i think LGW just needs two separate game day threads from now on
  12. thats fine but earlier you were knocking me for my optimism
  13. sorry optimism is...
  14. i dont think people are saying there arent defensive struggles, but it seems many poeple think the wings are at the bottom of the league right now the way they talk