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  1. chrisyo

  2. 12/27 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Avalanche 3 (OT)

    Budaj does have a couple scraps in his time though.
  3. Jordin Tootoo in rehab

    if it is blow I guarantee is he isn't playing on it. Playing coked out is a little too hard. You shake when you skate, not many players can play on coke. I'm guessing it is booze as well. all the best to Tootoo, love to hate him but I'd be stoked if he was a Wing.
  4. 12/27 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Avalanche 3 (OT)

    I was hoping Osgood would get the 400th this Friday at home.
  5. Zenon Konopka

    could always trade to get Frazer McLaren from San Jose. Future top heavyweight and can play solid hockey as well. Basically traded Staubitz to make room for him next season so I can't imagine the Wings being able to get him but I can dream.
  6. Zenon Konopka

    I'd love to have McGrattan or Ivanans but I don't see Holland signing either. Sure they are easily the best "enforcers" on the market and McGrattan can beat any guy in the league on any given night. Ivanans a little less so but can hang with anyone. I just don't see Holland signing a guy like McGrattan who won't get all that much ice time, won't chip in offensively all that often(all though playing on the Wings 4th line could make him have a career year) and really isn't going to add anything besides intimidation & fighting. I'd still love to see McGrattan get a chance with the Wings. He would be absolutely loved by the fans and would give the Wings more room on the ice then a guy like Barch who wouldn't scare a turtle.
  7. Yeah Mock drafts never work out. Alexander Petrovic is a name I didn't expect to see in the 1st round. I thought from most scouting boards he was in the late second round and the Wings could get him in the next round. I don't read many mock drafts but I think that's the first I've seen him going in the first round. I like him and at mid-late second round he would be a steal. I don't know about first round though.
  8. Pronger spent 79 minutes in the box last year. Chara spent 87 minutes in the box last year. Together combined they didn't catch what McIlrath had last year and thats not the point. Are you expecting McIlrath to become the next Pronger or Chara? There isn't a top 4 defenseman in the league who gets 150+ pims to my knowledge...might not even be a top 4 with 100+ for all I know.
  9. Nathan Horton traded to Boston

    Not trying to follow you around or anything...just seen this post and had to comment. Franzen had 21 points in 27 games last season and in the last 3 playoffs he has had these stats: 16 games - 18 points 23 games - 23 points 12 games - 18 points That is why he is a first liner. I like Horton but I don't consider him a first liner on any team but a non-playoff team. He is sent to any of the 16 playoff teams and he is a second liner at best and a 3rd on several teams.
  10. You go ahead and keeping dreaming about how you think the NHL works, I'll stick to how the NHL really works...he is a 4th at best and your completely overrating him as a defenseman. McIlrath is great and is a asset to any team because he is a damn good player and will turn out to be a damn good enforcer as well...but he isn't no top NHL defenseman and no team is going to put a defenseman who spends 200 minutes in the box as a top 3 defenseman. This isn't the NHL from the past where guys like Mark Tinordi could spend 150 minutes in the box and the team would a days you lose a guy on your second pairing for 5-7 minutes per fight and your screwing yourself on that second pairing. He will likely be a very solid 5th d-man as then when he is in the box the top 2 pairings will be able to play their game without having to get to know another defenseman to pair with while there regular partner is in the box. (not sure if what I just said makes sense) Again you will see when he makes the NHL in the next couple years wherever he ends up.
  11. McIlrath likely turns out to be a 4th or 5th/6th d-man...especially if drafted by the Wings. Watch him play rather then reading "scouting reports"
  12. Holland Looking to sign an Enforcer

    I think you may be right...but who? There really isn't all that many aging veteran enforcers/grinders to go out and sign. I'm really high on Krys Barch who fits that mold perfectly. He is actually pretty aged for only having a few NHL seasons under his belt but he will go out and do anything for the team and should be able to give at least 6 minutes to Babcock on any given night. Not a bad player at all... but I'd rather he didn't sign with the Wings if they are going to misuse him as they did with Downey. I don't exactly know what it is but Babcock doesn't really seem to utilize his enforcers. He gives them the breathing room they need and I'm not trying to give him s*** but he sits them in games that being more physical could squeeze out a victory. Like we seen how Downey can effect the team/fans in those 3 or so games he played with the Wings in 08-09. He was voted player of the game in I think every game he played in. He made huge checks and got the crowd going absoloutly nuts in that game against Dallas at home and then had that huge long fight with Cam Janssen in St. Louis. The team was a different team on those nights and whether they won or lost doesn't matter sometimes during the regular season. Moral victories go a long way and I think Downey helped them with that. I really feel that Downey had a whole lot more to give to the Wings then what they allowed him to give and I'd hate to see Krys Barch's career take the turn that Downey's did. If Barch goes from being a full-time NHLer with the Stars and could find that same type of roll somewhere else...I want him to do it because I know the Wings will send him down to the minors half-way through the season just because they want to give another guy a look and he will be lost in the process. If the Wings are really looking for a grinder/enforcer they need to draft one. Callahan is looking really good and actually might be a NHL quality player. Get a guy on his last limb(Asham) coach around him get the players to recognize his roll a little bit more and have him become actually part of the team the way Drake was. Then as soon as that guy retires you have Callahan who should be ready. That is what I want from the Wings but really when it comes to tough guys or grinders you really can't trust what the Wings say. One minute they want a guy to "keep the flys off" the next they "don't really need a 1 dimensional enforcer at this point" I'd rather them not f*** another career over like they did Norton, LaCouture & Downey's because they can't make up there mind.
  13. Zenon Konopka

    Oh yeah because May was all over the ice throwing cheap shots on players last year. May was dirty when he had guys like Rob Ray, Jim McKenzie, Donald Brashear etc. he knew his team could fend for themselves. He even played a chippy game with the Ducks when they had a tough team, then he was traded to Toronto who didn't have any toughness and wasn't very chippy, then signed with the Wings and again wasn't dirty. May is a veteran who knows what he is doing. Konopka is a hot head who wasn't even a tough guy until Jon Mirasty was bailing his ass out back in Syracuse. He realized that was how he was going to make the NHL. He wouldn't have lived long if he was playing out in the Atlantic division with the likes of Godard, Shelley, Cote, Peters, PL3 wanting to kick his ass night in and night out. You can waste my time all you want but it doesn't change the fact that it's true. Konopka is a crappy player and should be rideing shotgun to Boogaard in Tampa next year. Not playing tough guy for the Wings. Tampa had Walker, Fedoruk, Malone, Downie, Veilleux & even Ohlund who could all fend for themselves a s*** ton more then anyone on the Wings can. You really think Konopka is going to be able to get away with s*** without having that many guys on the team? This is what happens when you have Konopka on your team: Konopka took advantage of Chris Phillips earlier in the game then wouldn't fight Chris Neil & Carkner and Carkner took it out on Downie...then as soon as that happens Konopka wants to be the tough guy and act like he is going after Carkner. The same game it was Matt Walker defending Konopka's actions earlier by fighting Neil. Neil takes out Hedman hard because Konopka and Downie are running around...which is something that will happen to the Wings a lot with a guy like Konopka running around. Also Brashear was pissed about Konopka jumping Brian Boyle and flattened Stampkos extremely late then beat up on Walker who wouldn't fight him...again thanks to Konopka. I'm sure I could find more cases of how bad things could turn out for the Wings with a guy like this but I will save what little time I get from you. Bottom line is that was a pretty team tough Tampa Bay team that Konopka was leading...they still got manhandled because of Konopka's actions what do you think is going to happen with a team like Detroit that half the team has never had a fighting major? There going to get beat up on like a bad habit. It's not a insult to the Wings players, there are guys who are signed to fill the role of tough guys and Holland hasn't been filling that roll besides maybe 1 roster spot a season if Wings fans are lucky. It's also not a insult to Konopka. I love the way he plays, but he is going to do more harm for the Wings then actually "enforce" for them unless he tones down his play. Konopka needs to play on a tough team with his style and the Wings isn't that tough team.
  14. Zenon Konopka

    You think when Konopka elbows Legwand in the head and puts him out for the game Belak & Tootoo are going to be offering Ericcson or Abdelkader a chance to stand up? No there going to take off Franzen's head and there isn't a single thing Abdelkader or Ericcson could do as they aren't even fighters. 2-3 fights a season doesn't make you a fighter even in this pansy league. Who did Konopka fight last year to say he could fend for himself? A bunch of middleweights in a division that consisted of: Washington: Matt Bradley Florida: Greg Campbell Atlanta: Eric Boulton Carolina: Tim Conboy yeah he sure needed to fend for himself in that tough division. Now he comes into this division playing that way and there are players who are going to eat the weak ass Wings alive like Boll, Sestito, Eager, Burish, Tootoo, Crombeen and on and on who can play much dirtier then Konopka because they can actually skate good enough to injure players when they want. Basically the Wings are getting by just fine having honest tough guys like May & Downey who aren't going to get there stick up or elbow up. The Wings have done a great job of not waking the sleeping bear in this division and Konopka will wake him and the Wings players will pay for it and I'm not talking about the 4th liners or 7th d-men. All the guys I mentioned hit much harder then Konopka and most of which could do a number on him with the gloves off at that. Holland isn't dumb enough to try and sign a guy like Konopka, end of story we can argue this for the next 60 years but fact is Holland knows what he is doing and he isn't getting a dirty pest unless its a guy like Cooke who can play great hockey to go with starting s***. Regardless you need a tough guy to play with the pests, especially in a much more physical westcoast then TB would need in the weakest division in the league. If he wants a tough grinder he is getting Asham not Konopka.
  15. Zenon Konopka

    I'd love a fighter on the team but not Konopka. He has a big mouth and plays a little dirty. When that happens and he pisses off the other team, who is going to pay for it? Konopka can only fend off so much. The Wings need a good honest player to fill that role like a Asham or Moen type, not a Konopka who doesn't add much else besides fighting and like I said he adds more aggression from the other team then he fends off. I don't want him but I hope he stays in the league with a team where he can ride shotgun.