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  1. I was switching videos on my site over to youtube and I found it ( i think)...its a short clip theres only 2 goals on it, first one is against devils, and 2nd is the Canes one.
  2. East Montreal over Boston in 5 Pittsburgh over Ottawa in 6 Philly over Washington in 7 NJ over NY in 6 West Detroit over Nashville in 5 San Jose over Calgary in 6 Minnesota over Colorado in 6 Anaheim over Dallas in 7
  3. Anyway to buy said jersey online?
  4. ya we named her The Cheat because she cheated death...if we didnt take her from the crazy redneck lady @ the flea market and get her vet care...she prolly would have died. But, The Cheat is not dead....I am so glad the cheat is not dead.. I like your weiner dog's weiner costume..heheh
  5. Me in the middle My kitty, Toast R. Ovan My other kitty, The Cheat ....hmmm...from the looks of things, youd think my cats like to sleep or something