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  1. Jackliveshere

  2. Will listen to any and all offers - hate to sell but need to fund a few new toys! Thanks. http://www.ebay.com/itm/220948208527?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  3. Hasek Challenges, Gaborik goes Airborn

    That was a legit poke check and a legit breakup of that play. If you think other wise, you have obviously never played organized hockey at full speed - and I highly recommend it. Great play Dom - way to get your confidence back, especially on an odd man rush.
  4. autographed memoribilia for sale

    Cool, Thanks!
  5. Autograph sessions

    This session is Free too. Last time they signed multiple items so I'm planning on getting my Draper game used stick and skates signed, and hopefully 2 pucks from Cheli - Detroit and Chi-town. The best place to find all the current signings is signingshotline.com, they have it reported well in advance. Gordie Howe will also be at the Goalies Den in the next few weeks.
  6. autographed memoribilia for sale

    I am interested in any autographed items or game used items you have from Hockeytown Authentics w/ Hologram and COA's - can you shoot me a list and pics? t.vermeulen@comcast.net Thanks!
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=011
  8. Cleaning out the autograph collection a little more - some great stuff at super cheap prices here: eBay Auctions
  9. D-Mac

    Yeah - I know, first time posting since that incident, lol. Or the people who know the guy and what he's made off. He has more balls than 90% off the NHL and would defend teammates at the drop of a dime. He could be signed for barely anything and provide great depth for us. Stop dreaming off players that will never play here and realize a good thing when you see one.-
  10. Wanted - Games 1,2, and 5 from 05-06 Round 1 vs. Edmonton

    Very Cool - thanks for the info!
  11. D-Mac

    I'd take him in a heartbeat. He is a completely different player with Detroit. I think he has 2 solid years left and they would be best spent in the Winged Wheel. Reunite the Grind Line and move Cleary up. Not to mention there would be a lot less cheapshots on Dats and Zetterberg with D-Mac around. He could most likely be signed for the league minimum and give him some $ incentives to get and stay healthy.
  12. Ending in the next 48 hours - absolutely awesome jerseys!!!!!!!! eBay Auctions
  13. Zetterberg signed Number For sale - ends tomorrow!

    2002 Stanley Cup Kris Draper and Kirk Maltby Jerseys ending in 48 hours: eBay Auctions
  14. I need a DVD of the three games listed above. Pretty much all 3 home games vs. Edmonton in Round One last year. Trying to video match my game worn Maltby jersey I just bought from the Wings Equipment Sale!