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  1. mattsyuk

  2. sorry random question...i'm going to hockeytown authentics next sunday, and i'm wondering if there is somewhere in that vicinity where they sell a good collection/variety of new era red wings hats. it's been years since i've been to hockeytown authentics so maybe they have some now, but if there is another place around there i'd like to check it out too. new era's website says nordstrom's in the area but i've never even been to a nordstrom's before lol anyway any help would be great, thanks!
  3. Sellout: yes or no?

    i was in the top row tonight and it was just great to be there, the crowd was really into it and electric....very awesome to see....great way to start the playoffs!
  4. xGDT: 9/18 Red Wings @ Minnesota Wild

    Awesome awesome awesome start! I'm quite impressed to say the least....I know it's only preseason but they all seem to be skating with a purpose and that's good to see just because it is only preseason.
  5. Nhl Center ice online good news..

    holmstrom from sopel and franzen! and they scored another! 6-1! franzen from datsyuk and holmstrom! THIS LINE IS AWESOME!
  6. Nhl Center ice online good news..

    This is great! I have Centre Ice for TV but they don't show preseason games so this is fantastic! The feed is money too, congrats to the NHL for starting to get their online things together! LETS GO RED WINGS!
  7. I miss this guy...

    I definitely don't miss Dandy....we saw the one highlight of his Wings tenure going almost end-to-end setting up a goal....Lebda does that on an almost nightly basis with I'd say more consistency. He really hasn't done much in Montreal either....but he's with his favourite team so all the power to him.
  8. Babcock on the Fan590

    Just wanted to pass the message along that Babcock will be on the Fan590 "In the next hour" which is 3-4pm est. to hear it....could be anytime this hour.