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  1. deleted.
  2. Sharks' jersey looks nice, I like it. Its amazing what adding the shark's tail to the logo can do...looks so much better.
  3. Shot Count Check: Det: 9 SJ: 18
  4. someone photoshop that baseball pic out of there. It ruins the whole thing.
  5. Take your image here. I've found it works pretty well. http://vectormagic.com/
  6. Hey guys, I'm heading down to the game tonight with some buddies of mine, and we were trying to think of places to eat before the game. I figured you guys would be the one's to ask. Anyone have any recommendations? Preferably some place that won't take too long, and has a shuttle to the game? thanks!
  7. If I remember correctly part of it is because its a delay of game penalty if the goaltender crosses the blueline or red line (can't remember), and it avoids waiting for the goaltender to skate all the way from his net to get the scoop on a call and then skate all the way back. I think it might be the red line...funny story actually...during one of my team's inline hockey games we had a two man advantage 4 on 2, and the other team had another delayed penalty coming. Our goalie decided to come all the way down into the other team's zone and work the puck around with us. The ref didn't notice him until we passed him the puck and then he blew the whistle for delay of game.
  8. That's pretty B.A. I really like the black.
  9. That still does not make him a rental.
  10. They should have a 1 on 1 bubble-hockey game for number 18. If Maltby's Bubble-hockey skills are anything like his hockey skills, he'll get smoked. Give Hossa #18.
  11. Happy Birthday Pavel! :beerbuddy:
  12. I know last year NYR was the team who was heavily favored to win...after adding Drury and Gomez, when they already had Jagr, Straka, Lundquvist, Shanahan, Avery, etc. I have noticed the trend that too many all-stars ends up being a bad thing one way or another....I hope Holland doesn't sign anyone else...especially not Sundin.
  13. (listening on the radio) was this as bad, worse, or the same as the one with Dallas?
  14. I don't think you can conclude that. We would have been up 1-0 and it would have shifted the whole complexion of the game. That goal being called back seemed to kill our morale. There's no way to predict what would have or wouldn't have happened if the goal was allowed. But I can assure you that the game would NOT have turned out the same, with just an extra tally to our side of the score-sheet.
  15. There you have it.