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  1. Ti-girl

  2. CBC, or NBC.

    CBC My NBC down here is in Spanish...and sadly...they still know who "Siiiiiiiiiii-ney Craws...beeee" is. And there's a load of Canadians down here so we all watch it and sniffle as we see the opening...
  3. Darren Helm//Merged

    Any other questions about #43 I'm happy to answer.
  4. I suck at photoshop. (Like suck horribly.) But who cares? I bring you.... ROCKET HELM
  5. Darren Helm//Merged

    I'm going to put in my 2 cents. From 6 years ago: "Helm's never going to play in the WHL. He doesn't have the skill and is too slow." Next year he made the Tigers's roster. From 4 years ago: "Helm's never going to score any goals." He scored 79 points. From 3 yeasr ago: "Helm's never going to make the WJ team." He made the WJ team, the only one on the team with no Team Canada experience. Once his hands catch up to his speed, he will score, but it will just take a bit longer for him than the next guy. He's a late bloomer. And increadible one though.
  6. Darren Helm//Merged

    He's amazing. Once his hands catch up to his speed, he's goiung to be unstoppable. We saw it in the Dub...see it now in the NHL. *sigh* MY baby is growing up.
  7. Darren Helm is pretty good

    Helm is a late bloomer. He playd Junior B before the Dub, and when he was there for the first year...he was a 5'9, 140 3rd line centre. His scoring touch will come. As soon as his hands catch up to his speed...deadly.
  8. 08-09 Season

    Why would Helm be centreing the third line?
  9. Is this the year?

    Tyler Ennis.
  10. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    I get all Detroit stations (besides the fact that I live in Saskatchewan.) so I get to watch it too!
  11. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    Oh dear lord. Huds is awesome. I want to party with him now.
  12. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    Dear Helm, When someone (like me), calls your cell JUST to see if you will answer it. DON'T! And DON'T start off a conversation with: "Hey, what's up?" "Not much you?" "Not too much..." YOU RETARD!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE AT THE STANLEY CUP PARADE!!!!!!!!!!!! God, I love you kid.
  13. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    Zetterberg and his new sunshield...the Conn Smythe.
  14. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    My boss doesn't understand what I'm doing. I'm in SASKATCHEWAN for f***s sakes!
  15. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    Yeah, you're telling me.