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  1. Gotta say I'm disapointed about the private signing part. What's the point if you can't meet Zetterberg? The Wings hardly ever come to town as it is. At least other guys bother to show up in person like Jaromir Jagr who was recently at the store. I wonder if the players themselves decide whether to show or not?
  2. WOW Just incredible. But then again an extra large set of shoulder pads should fix that problem area.
  3. And this one's kinda sad:
  4. Same thing happened to Modano in Dallas and everyone thought he would be traded but he's still there. Must feel kind of wierd though to still be with a team as an "ex-captain".
  5. I scanned this photograph that I bought at the time. Everyone's so young!
  6. Nah, they don't show actual games. Just highlights, interviews, and the like. Good to see the Wings finally have their "tv" up and working though. Been watching other teams' videos for weeks now.
  7. I thought it was cool the first few times but do they have to play it before EVERY single video?!
  8. TARDIS, lol. Probably easier to find than Tardif.
  9. hmm...Ed Belfour?
  10. Fingers crossed that we see a Detroit-Ottawa final so that a European captain WILL win for sure. (And can't wait for the reaction from Don Cherry et al to that!)
  11. A (tiny) part of me feels bad for the guy, all those years in the league and no Cup but wouldn't it be awesome for a guy like Filppula whom Selanne praised so highly to end up winning the Cup instead? And as a rookie, no less.
  12. As for Kronwall's name - it may be spelled with a 'w' but it's pronounced as a 'v'. It helps to remember that in Swedish, anything spelled with a 'v' has a 'w' sound and vice versa.
  13. exactly!
  14. Any and every item with a Wings logo in my house comes out of storage and is put to good use/gathered around the tv - including: foam finger, playoff pom poms, flags, banner, car flag, fuzzy dice, car air freshener, bumper sticker, mouse pad, computer wallpaper, screensaver, cell phone wallpaper, bobbleheads, stool, Rally Al (the stuffed octopus), socks, undies, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, pin...