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  1. wow derailing a funny thead with the "enforcer war"
  2. if he stays on the wings he will take a discount, its a proven fact
  3. he is also an elbowing ******
  4. wait for it...
  5. people cry about the positive attention he gets, he deserves negative attention
  6. bongo solo
  7. ??? he's scored plenty of beauties
  8. No other player has the alien force, end of story
  9. Spezza, The only person more of a ***** than crosby but crosby is gianing
  10. an incident in Toronto game, maybe a game but not an overly vicious spear, but i don't think anything will come of it:
  11. watch it agian:
  12. 1.turco 2. Vokoun 3. harding