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  1. kelli

  2. GDT: 10/8 - Blackhawks, 2 @ Red Wings, 3

    Way to go Ozzie!!
  3. GDT: 10/8 - Blackhawks, 2 @ Red Wings, 3

    I have a slightly OT question. What's up with Cleary being called Danny? Wasn't it always just Dan?
  4. A totally calm perspective.

    I'm really enjoying this thread. I'm tired of reading all the negitives. Its nice to look at the positives heading into game 7.
  5. Here's a thread for all the bandwagon jumpers

    They'll also be the first to post on Friday that they never doubted the Wings and knew all along they could do it. It gets annoying. Hopefully they'll all vent tonight and get it off their chest.
  6. A totally calm perspective.

    I'm of course nervous, but i feel good about game 7 as well. Our Offense will be tons better on Friday. Osgood has been playing amazing, so with our offence on its game we shouldnt have a problem. And we of course have home ice which i think is a big advantage. Also hopefully officiating will be fair so that will help us too. LETS GO WINGS
  7. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    Lets Go Wings! We can do it!

    I am also very disappointed. From what i can remember i believe NBC showed the finale of Friends on a giant screen in NYC. I don't understand why they would allow that and not Joe Vision or a screen outside of pitsburgh. I will also send emails.
  9. Chris!

  10. Wings V. Hawks. Early predictions

    We can beat Chicago. Wings in 5 or 6.
  11. Western Conference Semifinal MVP?

    Ozzie or Franzen. They were both great.
  12. I will lose major respect for Chicago fans if

    I heard that too. I completely agree. It has nothing to do with hockey and they should have a little bit more class.
  13. Chris!

    I also have never doubted Chris Osgood. I've always had faith in him that he could get the job done. He was absolutely amazing in the series against the Ducks. He's a huge part of the reason why we're going into the WCF. I love the guy and cant give him enough praise. Oh and the save in the 1st last night was unbelieveable! Way to go Ozzie!!
  14. Question about buying tickets

    Okay. Thanks.
  15. Question about buying tickets

    I seen that there are different websites offering tickets. I have only bought from ticketmaster in the past. My question is, is it safe to buy from sites besides ticketmaster? Are they legit?