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  1. Lesson 1 of the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup> Fact: The better team doesn't always win. Lesson 2 of the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup> Fact: The better team being the Redwings, was clearly demonstrated in Game 5 blowout and the score differentials in the games. Pens limped across with 2-1 wins, Detroit dominated with 3-1, 5-0 type wins. Lesson 3 of the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup> Fact: The classless Pens (as demonstrated by their trying to hurt Detroit players when getting spanked in game 5) barely won the cup against truly impossible odds... but Detroit is still Hockeytown and Pittsburgh is still The Pitt. Bonus Lesson: Life is pain, then you die.
  2. GDT

    ROFL... "I'm gonna kill Hudler" Classic.
  3. GDT

    Look, I love the Wings, but let's be real- the Glornak Sblurbx from Alpha Centauri 7 have never lost a single game in their 56,000 year history... Ah, just kidding. I'm happy so I'm silly.
  4. GDT

    Holy SHIIIIIIT was that close at the end. Whooooo Champs!
  5. GDT

    Goal 3 scored by Fleury's ass! Mwahahahah! Awesome.
  6. GDT

  7. GDT

    Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! Holy chocolate cow milk, was that close...
  8. GDT

    Let me know when the clock passes 34.3... I refuse to look at or otherwise recognize that number any longer.
  9. GDT

  10. GDT

    Sorry, should have repeated it for those who missed... Detroit has 12 consecutive game 6 wins, 10 on the road when up 3-2 in a series!
  11. GDT

    Wow! Love that stat they showed.
  12. 3-2 We're still winning the series. Yes it sucks to go on the road, and it's not fun with how close we were... But do you really think Detroit is going to end this series losing 3 straight games with how good they've been in comparison to Pittsburgh? Nah. Vent, sleep, and regroup. They'll get a 4 in the W column before the Pens do.