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  1. lol... another playoff game on my computer. Now that's exciting!
  2. i'm going to flip out, i'm so sick of this s***
  3. Woo hoo - i'm leaving to go to the game soon, go wings!
  4. lol wow
  5. I agree they need to get with the times and by get with the times yes I do mean FREE. 10 years ago music suits would do anything to prevent a leak of an album. Nowdays a CD wont sell unless it's leaked ! If Bettman wants more americans watching hockey then what better way then the internet? HELLO? Im sorry but at the end of the day i'm not paying to watch a hockey game on my computer 6 times a year just because Center ice and TSN2 are retarded once a month...
  6. man they are out for blood lol
  7. Wow 4-0 nice I wish Leino was always playing
  8. lol what the hell was that
  9. wow nice shot
  10. s*** stuart that looked bad
  11. Lets go red wings! wings win 5-1 :chug:
  12. I'd say he's the second best playmaker on the team... I just wish he would use his patience more in 5 on 5 situations like he does on the powerplays. I'm not complaining though I'm very happy with his play right now :banana:
  13. Ozzie came up big at the end there... nice to see Dats pull that one off again
  14. It does make sense, why spend a full season letting the other teams get used to D-Z-H Instead they could just go out there when it matters and we can watch the other teams scramble for a few games in the playoffs... hopefully Honestly, I have no problem if this line is not together... as long as Kopecky is not playing with Datsyuk then i'm happy
  15. Babcock likes to pretend that D-Z-H is not a line throughout the season ... come playoffs the other teams forget about that line and by then they're pretty much screwed...