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  1. My first thought was that Niedermeyer is retiring. I wonder, Schneider there to replace him *IF* he decides to retire? Maybe Anaheim isn't sure whether Scott will retire. It is a lot of money between Niedermeyer, Pronger, Schneider, and Giguere...but is Selanne retiring? I'm not very familiar with the salary cap situation in Anaheim, is it possible they could afford both d-men? The thought of Anaheim's defense if Neidermeyer doesn't retire is scary. His retirement seems likely, but I still have to wonder...
  2. Wasn't Radulov leading the Preds in points when he got a one game suspension in Round 1? He doesn't have the same kind of star power as Pronger, but he was certainly a big part of the team at the time. It was a similar type of hit. Granted, the player he hit (Bernier?) didn't come back in the game, but he was ready for the next game. They should really consider that, but they probably wont. I think Pronger would be suspended if Holmstrom hadn't come back and the Wings kept quiet and inserted him into the line-up for Game 4. As it is, he'll probably get a verbal reprimand at best. It's unfortunate, but the league makes a lot of decisions based on injury.
  3. Why? It's a foreign language. Zidlicky should be pronounced the same way, but he asked to be called by the Americanized pronunciation awhile back (if I remember correctly). Kinda like Spezza is pronounced Spet-za. It's Italian, so double z makes a different sound than you would hear in English. Bertuzzi should be pronounced the same way, I think, but his family probably adopted the Americanized pronunciation a long time ago, like a lot of immigrants have.
  4. Is that Grigorenko?
  5. "Now if they can pound the Red Wings harder than the Flames gave it to them in the opening round, the Sharks should have no trouble advancing to the conference finals." I like how the 'Detroit is soft' mentality is still being perpetuated. The second paragraph of the article also makes it sound like the Flames physical play forced the Wings into a game they want to stop playing. I dunno, it seemed like the Wings set the tone early in this past series. I see no reason for them to change a winning formula.
  6. DET/SJ - Detroit in 6 ANA/VAN - Anaheim in 6 BUF/NYR - Buffalo in 6 NJD/OTT - NJ in 7
  7. PS

    You beat me to it. Octopi rock
  8. Holy crap! Don Cherry was talking about the Wings-Flames game, and he didn't criticize the Wings?! Think I even heard him grudgingly compliment the team, though it was quick, so maybe I'm hearing things. Yeah, I must is Cherry after all.
  9. Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking after seeing the replays again. I think both were probably clean now, but I can certainly see why both may seem questionable. And good to know about the CBC announcers.
  10. About the Phaneuf hit on Datsyuk...I wonder which channel the people who think it was dirty / clean were watching. I certainly thought it was clean initially, but CBC had another angle that showed what appeared to be an elbow (and the CBC announcers thought so too, and said Dion was *very* lucky he didn't get called on it). I dunno... looking at that picture it doesn't look like an elbow. Maybe the other angle was just misleading, because a couple angles they showed certainly looked clean. I've only seen replays of the angles where it looks clean, so I'm starting to think it was. I also noticed that they didn't credit Cleary with a single hit on and the Phaneuf hit wasnt in the Game 2 highlights. I wonder if they thought the legality of both hits were questionable?
  11. You must be thinking of a different hit. I think they are talking about the elbow Phaneuf delivered to Datsyuk's head. Luckily, Datsyuk got right back up.
  12. Dumont scored shorthanded when it was 5 on 4. Then San Jose took two penalties and gave Nashville a 2:00 minute 5 on 3 PP. Dumont scored a second time at the end of Nashville's PP.
  13. You're right, the league should do anything it can do destroy the game of hockey. We can start by giving Bettman a lifetime contract, no? There's nothing wrong with overtime in the playoffs, it adds to the excitement. It's not like we have games going to 4th OT every night. If we did, it might warrant some attention. A shootout would be a terrible idea.
  14. I'm suprised to see Cheechoo playing. I didn't realize he was ok.
  15. I thought the pick in 2008 would *only* be given if Bert were to resign, and it would be a second rounder. It was a 2nd round pick that would become a 1st rounder?